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Nursery Rhyme cds that don't suck

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mooki Wed 27-Aug-08 10:56:23

Has anyone found a nursery rhyme cd that doesn't have a school casio keyboard backing track? Dd is just getting into action rhymes but I hate hate hate listening to the ones we've got.

I can recommend the Trojan Children's Reggae collection and 'The Colours are Brighter' album of bands like Belle & Sebastian doing children's songs, but I'd like a nursery rhymes one too that doesn't make me want to take a hammer to the cd player.


gingerninja Wed 27-Aug-08 10:59:23

We got one from mothercare which is quite nice. You will be humming them all day whether you like them or not though. I hate going to work with '5 little monkeys' spinning around my head grrr.

lingle Wed 27-Aug-08 11:24:30

I highly recommend "The Paw Paw Patch" by Phil Rosenthal (sp?). Published in the USA but I expect Amazon can help. It is extremely high quality bluegrass music - features things like "Mary had a little lamb" as well as classic folk songs. Prominent banjos, folk violin, no drums, no synths and nothing made by Casio. DH and I have enjoyed listening to it for 5 years and we are both amateur musicians who struggle with standard kiddie music.

For fun, the 80s band "They Might be Giants" have brought out various amusing CDs called "Here Come the ABCs" and "Here Come the 123s". The music style is pastiche, and the lyrics have some good parodies of hideous Baby Einstein type stuff eg "I don't even know Spanish, but I'm gonna sing it in Spanish now anyway.....".

HappyMummyOfOne Wed 27-Aug-08 20:54:44

ELC have some good ones.

mooki Thu 28-Aug-08 11:24:03

Ooh smashing, thanks for the recommendations. I feel so sorry for the session singers who have to sing five little speckled frogs over and over.

kbaby Thu 28-Aug-08 22:51:14

I have the disney silly songs cd's they have a mix of nursery rhymes but not sung in a twee way and childrens songs such as 'dry bones' 'dont fence me in' youll have to skip the goofy ones though they are rubbish.

Heres the mickey one 8

LostGirl Fri 29-Aug-08 18:48:31

Try this website for Piccolo Music CD's. I have a couple and like the sound of them as it is just two women singing accompanied by guitar normally. You can listen to clips on the website to see if it appeals before ordering.

FrannyandZooey Fri 29-Aug-08 18:51:32

PLaysongs cds are really lovely

LittleMyDancing Fri 29-Aug-08 18:54:17

DO NOT get one called Playgroup Songs with a purple cover.

It's diabolical.

Features the obligatory earnest man (who I always picture wearing socks with sandals and a wispy beard) grandstanding and a chorus of kids with no musical sense, timing or any idea which song they're singing.

Mind you, the chorus of kids is only allowed to sing every so often, so we can truly appreciate earnest man's warblings.

And all the songs are done at funeral speed.

Makes me want to incinerate my own ears with lighter fuel. DS loves it. sad

luvaduck Fri 29-Aug-08 18:55:57

THE DORLING KINDERLSEY BOOK (Oops sorry about caps) by debi gliori is lovely - lovely scottish accent and no keyboard

nannynick Fri 29-Aug-08 21:16:40

Many of the children who I care for (SN and non-SN) like Makaton Nursery Rhymes. It's not actually a CD... it's a DVD (well actually it's a video which is at least 10 years old, republished on DVD). To make this into a CD, extract the Audio.

Songs/Rhymes: Girls and boys come out to play / Old Macdonald had a farm / Five little ducks / The farmer’s in his den / Dingle, dangle scarecrow / Baa, baa black sheep / The owl and the pusycat / Goldilocks went to the house of the bears / The wheels on the bus / I went to visit a school one day / This is my little house / Five fat sausages / Twinkle, twinkle little star / Jack and Jill / Hey diddle, diddle / It’s raining,it’s pouring / Hickory, dickory dock / There were five in a bed / ABCDE

Blandmum Fri 29-Aug-08 21:17:51

Wee sing Silly songs, if they still do it.


quickdrawmcgraw Fri 29-Aug-08 21:20:55

They're not nursery rhymes but the Sesame Street tapes were great. The only thing to have in the car that didn't make my ears bleed.

devonsmummy Fri 29-Aug-08 21:21:22

Any of the Jo Jingles one's are good - you can buy them online. Brian Cant sings on the 1st CD - from Playschool and playaway

CissyCharlton Fri 29-Aug-08 21:31:27

Not nursery rymes but 'The Best of Rolf Harris' is good imo.

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