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Maxi cosi priori xp - can you use this in the frount of the car??

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mamachat Tue 26-Aug-08 22:40:56

My dd is a nightmare in the car, and I'm really hoping that you can use this car seat or another one that is for 13months + in the forount of my car.

At the moment I have got her infant seat in the frount with the airbag switched off...

Also if you have got this do you think it is a good car seat??

thisisyesterday Tue 26-Aug-08 22:42:32

you can technically put the majority of car seats in the front seat. it just isn't recommended even with the airbag switched off.

in terms of having an acciodent, particularly a head-on collision it is the least safe place for your child to be.

erm, it is a good car seat though

mamachat Tue 26-Aug-08 23:08:23

I know its not a good idea, i will have to put dd in the back and let her scream... nightmare... blush

annwoo Wed 27-Aug-08 10:14:41

I have two of these - just changed over dd from rear facing to this one. She was also v. whingey in rear facing and has calmed down since she can see out of window.

naomi83 Thu 28-Aug-08 11:46:37

my son was a PITA in his infant seat, but very happy in his britax 123 as he could see mummy and daddy and out of the window. hopefully she will be happier just forward facing and there'll be no need to move her to the front seat. britax 123 also has cup holder, which we put toys in as distraction. maxi cosi is a fab seat as well, but our son was a big baby so we thought he would hit the 18kg limit too early

littleducks Thu 28-Aug-08 11:51:04

I would try her in her new seat in the back, she may well be happier forward facing, and stop screaming as much dd did. Then after a month or two she got the 'looking out of the window thing' and stop screaming entirely

mamachat Thu 28-Aug-08 23:17:59

I really hope so, i can't face her having another reason to cy at me.... lol

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