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deeeja Tue 26-Aug-08 14:57:24

Has anyone got the lazzari storage cube modular system?
Is it really useful, and can you fit alot in it?
Does it look good?
I like the idea of it, but want to know if it is really worth the money. I have found another site where I can get it apart from GLTC, and can get the 6 drawer horizontal unit with drawers for £209. Shall I go for it?here, with an online discount code CC08A

deeeja Tue 26-Aug-08 14:58:32

AM so tempted. Especially with the 10% discount code. Can't resist a discount.
Has anyone seen it cheaper?

kando Tue 26-Aug-08 15:04:42

Looks fab - says its £119 though, not £209! Would def go for it for my girls' bedrooms if we had space for it! Go for it!

JackieNo Tue 26-Aug-08 15:12:03

Why not the Ikea Trofast? Similar, but cheaper. Though I guess the plastic boxes don't look as nice as the ones in your link.

JackieNo Tue 26-Aug-08 15:14:00


deeeja Tue 26-Aug-08 15:51:06

It is 209 with the cubes added on. The trofast is good too. I have the trofast in my ds2's room, I just want something for the conservatory, which I am going to turn into a playroom.
I love the spotty drawers.

fairy15 Tue 26-Aug-08 16:34:03

brother-in-law has a very simular one to that which i think he got from homebase for £25.

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