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How much will a new kitchen cost, fitting included.

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Hulababy Fri 18-Feb-05 08:53:24

Just trying to get a very approximate idea of costs here, including fitting - so we can do some budgeting ready.

We have bought a house and I want/need a new kitchen. I do know what I want kind of, but wondered if anyone has had a new kitchen recently and it they have some rough costs that can share - to give us an idea.

Kitchen isn't huge: see here It should give you an idea of how much we want.

We are getting separate fridge/freezer and cooker I think, as I have already seen what I want. And don't need washer or dryer in either as they go elsewhere.

We will need a dishwasher though - probably a slim line one I think - the plumbed space for one is only slim line at moment. And we are used to slim line and it is plenty big enough.

I think I want a high gloss type of kitchen units, rather than a wooden look. Quite a modern, clean feel - ina cream or buttermilk colour (think cream Smeg fridge).

Would like a light wood worktop (maple/beech). Doesn't have to be real solid wood though - happy with the effect

No wall tiles - want a glass splash back behind cooker instead.

Not decided on flooring yet but will probably just go for laminate stuff. It's practical for what we want and not expensive.

So, any ideas of how much I should expect to pay?

Hoping to go to house this weekend for a second look, and to get more accurate measurements.

FineFigureFio Fri 18-Feb-05 08:57:35

we are having a bespoke and with all building/plumbing/fitting work it is costing 45k

Kittypickle Fri 18-Feb-05 08:58:23

It varies so much from region to region and builder to builder, you're best bet is to get a couple of local ones round to the new house and discuss your ideas with them in more detail.

Hulababy Fri 18-Feb-05 08:59:51


I am just looking for something pretty simple, and not too expensive. This won't be our last house - we are planning to be here for maybe 5 or 6 years, that's all. So not looking for something that will last forever. And we are quite fickle and our tastes change often! So I know I would be ready to change a kichen by that time probably anyway.

Oh, and I want those lovely round sinks/drainer with funky chrome tap.

kkgirl Fri 18-Feb-05 09:00:15

45k for a kitchen!!!! I don't think that is your average price for a kitchen is it.
I think depending on how much you are paying for your units, it could be anything from 4k - 20k, and also are you fitting it or someone else?

morningpaper Fri 18-Feb-05 09:01:00

5-10K - ask a local builder.

Hulababy Fri 18-Feb-05 09:01:14

I know it varies - and we will get someone round if we can. Trouble is we need the kitchen sorting as we go in, as we won't have a cooker, fridge or dishwasher on moving in - they are going with sellers.

Hence getting a rough idea for budgeting now.

Then we can look at getting someone round maybe.

FineFigureFio Fri 18-Feb-05 09:01:26

my house has a market value of 500k
I dont think putting in a cheap kitchen will do me any favours

Kittypickle Fri 18-Feb-05 09:02:03

I had a bespoke one made and fitted in our last house for 3K. The only way as I said before is to ask around locally.

Hulababy Fri 18-Feb-05 09:02:18

morningpaper - that's better

Don't know anyone round here who can give us a recommendation really. One of DH's secretary's DP has a kitchen shop and we have seen some nice ones in there - going to go and have a look tomorrow.

Hulababy Fri 18-Feb-05 09:03:16

Fio - think you are right for you.

Not going cheap cheap, bu 45K for 5 years use is just too much for me to shell out I think. It'd be worth about a quarter of house value!

Kittypickle Fri 18-Feb-05 09:04:48

Haven't you got any friends who have one done at all recently ? If not, then get trawling through the local papers and yellow pages.

Hulababy Fri 18-Feb-05 09:06:09

No, no friends who have had new kitchens - not locally at all. Do know people who have had them done, just not round here.

morningpaper Fri 18-Feb-05 09:07:24

MFI will do a free design service. They will give you a quote as well - I would suggest you halve this and take your design to your local builders merchant and ask them for a quote. They can usually suggest fitters.

Potty1 Fri 18-Feb-05 09:07:48

45K!!<<potty picks herself up of the floor!!>>

Fio - as you know that would almost buy a whole house round here .

Hula - I had a man round last night to look at my kitchen. I'm hopeful for a quote under 5k including integrated fridge freezer, plus new oven/hob.

Hulababy Fri 18-Feb-05 09:09:14

That's an idea morningpaper. Could get measurements and locations of sockets, gas points, plumbing, etc. this weekend. Take it to MFI for their design service, get copy of design to think about - and then ask other builders/fitters to see what they come up with. Hmmm....

Just thinking aloud now. LOL!

AuntyQuated Fri 18-Feb-05 09:10:03

we had a bespoke one made and fitted with not oven or dishwashera s we altready had fairly new stainless steel ones anyway. it was 10K then about £1500 for flooring and wall tiles

katzguk Fri 18-Feb-05 09:10:40

hula you could try creative designs (i think that there name) they are a local kitchen fitters, they have a showroom in commonside/crookesmore just up from you now. will just see if i can find a phone number, not sure of their prices though, middle of the road i think, more expensive than B and Q but cheaper than 45K. plus they'll be used to sheffield houses.

Hulababy Fri 18-Feb-05 09:11:21

I have a feeling it will be the accessories that will add up. Like the idea of the metal bar under all wall units - to hang stuff on, and gadgets in corner cupboards to make them easier to use. And some funky taps. But I suppose that it negotiable depending on price.

I have seen a lovely free standing Smeg cooker I like in stainless steel, and I am also trying to persuade DH on the cream retro style Smeg fridge/freeezer. Kitchen is to be built round them

katzguk Fri 18-Feb-05 09:12:16

sorry got name wrong

Creative Interiors
180, Crookesmoor Rd, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S6 3FS Tel: 0114 268 3900 Classification: Kitchen Planning & Installation
• Luxury Kitchens & Bathrooms. • Planned,Designed & Installed. • Complete To Your Specification. • Distinctive Quality Designs. • All Electrics & Plumbing. • Full Consultation.

Kittypickle Fri 18-Feb-05 09:12:30

Metal bars and stuff to hang them on are cheap in IKEA

Hulababy Fri 18-Feb-05 09:12:31

Cheers katzuk. Can't remember name of people DH@s secretary has. Think there are some places on London Road and Eccessall Road too isn't there?

Hulababy Fri 18-Feb-05 09:13:33

I know kittypickle - will get full price from kitchen place and if they are silly prices I can go to Ikea - BUT if possible I will try and get them to do everything - as I am lazy and DH is rubbish at any DIY!!! Even the simple stuff.

katzguk Fri 18-Feb-05 09:15:44

glad to have been of assitance!!! i'm not sure how good they are but there shop has been there for at least 5 years and the window displays are regularly changed so i guess they must be doing okay!!

kid Fri 18-Feb-05 09:23:44

We were adding up how much our ktichen cost and we reckon around £4000
We did fit it ourselves though, I wouldn't recommend it. It felt like we hit a brickwall at every turn. If something could go wrong it did! We were quoted £3000 to fit it. which is why we did it ourselves!

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