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Baby Food Mixers

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wanda Fri 18-Feb-05 07:47:13

Can anyone recommend one of these for doing small quantities of pureed food. I have a hand held whizzer but it's no good for small quantities

Carla Fri 18-Feb-05 07:52:40

wanda, no experience of baby food mixers but I can't imagine they'll cope any better with small quantities than your hand held whizzer. Can't you freeze what you can't use? All that extra washing up too....

wanda Fri 18-Feb-05 07:57:34

I seem to rememer that when I had DD (5 years ago) there was a mini mixer on the market. The problem with the whizzer is that it splatters everwhere and I never see to be able to get a smooth consistancy. I do freeze larger quantities but now and again when I cook something I would like to be able to puree small amounts. Thanks anyway Carla

Pinotmum Fri 18-Feb-05 09:01:58

There's one you can buy at Toys r us/babies r us with a bear's head on it - don't the the make - maybe their own one.

lulupop Fri 18-Feb-05 11:47:27

I would recommend very highly the Bamix hand mixer. It is pricey, but is so useful for so many things beyond babyfood, and it totally outclasses every other stick whisk on the market. Basically, it can puree, beat, froth milk, even grind coffee for you, and if you do your pureeing in the little plastic beaker that goes with it, it doesn't splatter at all.

I bought mine after reading that Gordon Ramsay never goes anywhere without his! You can get them from Lakeland now.

Beansmum Fri 18-Feb-05 11:50:12

I use a mouli, it can puree even a tiny bit of food and wont splatter. It's also good for pureeing things with indigestible skin, like sweetcorn, because it doesn't let the skin through.

Casmie Fri 18-Feb-05 20:04:28

I recommend the braun multiblender professional. It's a hand held blender but also comes with a little baby food sized thing, a whisk attachment, AND a big jug-sized blender.

I think I'm in love...

Plus, just bung it all in the dishwasher when done - superb

Carameli Sat 19-Feb-05 14:53:44

like lulpop I've got a bamix, had it for a few years now and its brill!!!
I am sure there are loads of reviews about them somewhere but they are super speedy and do some many things like with fab results.

I cannot remember why but because it goes at such a speed it means that it doesn't splatter like other do, was a life saver when making up huge saucepans of pureed veggies or baby meals to put in trays for the freezer.

they are not cheap but worth the extra. My mum has had one for years and still works perfectly, never had any trouble with it at all.

pixel Sat 19-Feb-05 18:45:00

I had a lovely little Kenwood one, like a miniature food processor. I used it every day when the kids were babies as it was perfect for small quantities and easy to clean. I would just pop in bits of what dh and I were having (within reason!)and whizz it up with some liquid (milk or baby gravy). MUCH easier than the hand-held one. I wonder if they still make them? I bought mine in Sainsbury's.

gs Sun 20-Feb-05 20:14:39

hve you looked at the beaba babycook - is pricey but just great

Riebee Sun 20-Feb-05 22:26:09

I love my new beba babycook, it steams, chops/purees,reheats and defrosts.just wish it could do the washing & ironing aswell

csa Mon 21-Feb-05 12:59:11

yes, i had a beaba one too and would highly recommend it - especially since you had only one set of washing in the end instead of pots for boiling/steaming, then for pureeing, etc. however, lakeland no longer seems to do them. they were the cheapest by far when i got them about 2 years ago. great little trading company did them then too but for, i think, £20 more. they, however, no longer do them either. however, i saw a new packaging of the babycook in the jojomamanbebe spring 2005 catalogue over the weekend and it was about £55. anyone seen this cheaper anywhere else?

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