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Where the heck can I buy fitted sheets to fit this bloody short bed?

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giraffeskeel Mon 25-Aug-08 23:03:42

We bought this bed for DD a while ago as a normal sized one was just too big to fit in her room properly. I have been using normal sheets on it but am fed up of them being too big and rucking up everywhere.

Does anyone else have this bed? What do you do? Is it possible to find fitted sheets to fit it (have looked on Argos website but don't seem to have them, and nowhere else seem to do same sized mattress)?

giraffeskeel Mon 25-Aug-08 23:05:30

Sorry, wrong bed.

was this one

Ceolas Mon 25-Aug-08 23:05:32

Ikea do small beds. Might they have sheets to fit? Is it too big for cotbed sheets?

AvenaLife Mon 25-Aug-08 23:05:45

Cot bed sheets. ds had one of these. I've got a couple upstairs I think, if you cat me your address I'll send them to you. They are blue though. That's if I can find them.

giraffeskeel Mon 25-Aug-08 23:06:42

Yes, too big for cotbed sheets as that is what we already had, so tried them.

Ikea's beds seem to be a slightly different size.

AvenaLife Mon 25-Aug-08 23:06:55

Ohh, they won't fit that one. Sorry. Use single sheets (flat ones), you can make those fit easily.

Ceolas Mon 25-Aug-08 23:07:54


Washersaurus Mon 25-Aug-08 23:08:18

I always use cotbed sheets on the toddler bed, they are 140cm long so are a perfect fit.

Washersaurus Mon 25-Aug-08 23:09:01

aaah only saw first link..

paddingtonbear1 Mon 25-Aug-08 23:09:18

We have an Ikea bed which isn't at full length yet. We use what Avena says - single flat sheets, just fold them over more

TsarChasm Mon 25-Aug-08 23:09:25

I have had this problem with some funny sized cabin beds we bought.

I can't remember what size I needed but I got fitted sheets from LaRedoute of all places. They seem to do every size going.

Also they did some waterproof fitted sheets in various sizes too, but I don't know if they still do them.

paddingtonbear1 Mon 25-Aug-08 23:09:48

under, I should say!

IdrisTheDragon Mon 25-Aug-08 23:12:11

We have a junior bed and got some sheets from John Lewis I think.

IdrisTheDragon Mon 25-Aug-08 23:12:54

Sorry, only read first post blush

giraffeskeel Mon 25-Aug-08 23:16:29

aha! Thanks, Tsar!

giraffeskeel Mon 25-Aug-08 23:18:00

oh golly

wrong link AGAIN!


TsarChasm Mon 25-Aug-08 23:19:05

Hope you get sorted smile

SwampsterHasAWarmFuzzy Mon 25-Aug-08 23:22:14

I find jersey fitted sheets warp to fit just about any bed.

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