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hippy chick hip seats.any good?

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cheesesarnie Mon 25-Aug-08 21:15:45

ds2 is 3 in december.he walks lots but recently wants carrying too! i have a bad back-made worse by carrying him.could one of these help?

Naboo Mon 25-Aug-08 22:30:42

They are good, but i wouldn't pay full price for one. (mine was £5 from NCT sale). It does take the strain out of your back and especially my pelvis.

Although mine felt less comfortable with my 3 yr old on it, than my baby, as the increased weight pushed it down into my hips more. Also, my toddler wasn't too happy sat on it - obviously prefers to crush my pelvis... loves being awkward!

It has been really useful for my very clingy baby - it really takes the stress out of my left bicep and feels comfortable to carry the little one.

If you can get a cheap one, i would get one. If you do, just get into a habit of taking it out with you - i just attach it to the pram, and even if you use it for 5 mins, it defo helps take the strain of demanding kiddiwinkles who want carrying.

blithedance Mon 25-Aug-08 22:36:09

Agree with Naboo. They sort of serve a purpose, but not perfect, and a bit of a pain to carry about in a bag if you don't have a pram. You are still carrying a hulking toddler, even if more comfortably. But yes, it does take the strain off your back and holds the child securely next to you.

We went walking today, and ended up carrying DS2 (3 next week) for about half the time, I wish I had taken the hippychick with me in hindsight.

cheesesarnie Sat 30-Aug-08 21:31:20

thanks.i'll look out for cheapy if not i'll not bother!

QueenofThebes Sat 30-Aug-08 21:39:14

Have you tried a sling, you can use them for hip carries, back carries, forward carries (although fwd carry not great for older ones).

Lots to choose from, have a look at the The Baby Wearer site.

I have a BabyHawk MeiTai and use it loads for hip carries

mamaberta Sat 30-Aug-08 21:39:22

Sorry to hear about your bad back. I have one along with ring slings, a kari-me, a "fake" Didymos and a baby bjorn. I use the Hippychick most out of the lot of them. I was great for DD1 until recently (3yo) but she is quite light. DD2 is a wee heffalump and it has saved my sanity since she wants up and down all the time. I do a combo thing with a ring sling and the HippyC sometimes for extra support. I had physio for my postnatal back and the physio nurse told me to make sure I hold my pelvic floor in so that I don't count on the Hippychick taking all the strain. Don't always remember to do that smile.

Mine cost £27 and was worth every penny (I am broke and think most baby equipment is a bit crap so that is saying something)

Hope your back gets better soon.

Bowddee Sat 30-Aug-08 21:41:24

Where are you? I think I've still got one. If I have you can have it for postage costs.

spicemonster Sat 30-Aug-08 21:43:52

I adore my hippychick. My DS (who is 18m) gets really anxious in new situations and wants carrying and it really takes the strain off my back. It's also brilliant if you're just popping into a shop when you're in the car.

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