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car seats (again) sorry.

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misdee Thu 17-Feb-05 20:41:40

have been to try our car seats in our new car today, and the one my sister lent me doesnt fit properly. so am thinking of buying one with a base unit to clip a seat into. do these make the seats more secure? are they worth the extra expense? i am very very tempted by the isofix infant seat but cant afford it atm, tho will try and get isofix 2nd stage seat afterwards.

Hulababy Thu 17-Feb-05 21:02:56

We have two Isofix seats - Britac Duo (9 months - 4 years) and the Jane Indy Plus (9 months to 11 years, but uses a seat belt so I wouldn't use it as early as 9m). As they last a good while I think they are excellent and don't mind spending the money. I don't think I could justify the amount for the first stage one though.

misdee Thu 17-Feb-05 21:05:13

its just the fact its £125 for maybe 9months use. has anyone used a infant carrier for the maximum amount of time? dd1 was forward facing at 9months, dd2 at around 6months (dd2 was huge tho).

Hulababy Thu 17-Feb-05 21:06:22

I think DD went into next stage at about 8/9 months.

misdee Thu 17-Feb-05 21:06:26

do the graco autobases work well?

too mant choices, and its a pain in the arse that graco dont have a fit finder like britax, as i need to get the seat b4 i get the car really. (all paperwork sent off today for new car).

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