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Jack LeLanne Power Juicer

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Amanda3266 Thu 17-Feb-05 14:38:14

Following on from the "self - actualising" thread. Has anyone seen the informercial for this product. Very American couple who sell it. He was obviously a "home and family/DIY" type presenter in the 60's and is very fit (all down to the juicing). In fact he looks as though he has "self-actualised" several times over He's approaching 90 (as is his wife) and the pair of them look like they've been in a wind tunnel. They've obviously had it all lifted and pulled taut - as has nearly everyone they "interview" to extoll the virtues of said juicer. Have to say it looks impressive but 30 mins of selling does rather batter the brain. Unfortunately, the freakish wind tunnel looks makes DH and I laugh so much that if it's on we watch it - sad muppets that we are.

Anyone else seen them?
Anyone actually bought one?
If so - is it worth the money and is it as good as it looks on the TV?


charleypops Thu 17-Feb-05 15:07:57

There's loads of info here about juicers and (although I haven't yet bought one) found out what sort of thing would suit me best, ie about the speed at which the juicer operates and the implications on the destruction of the vitamins.

God, why can't I just decide. I have to research bloody everything to the nth degree before I do anything <yawn>

piximon Tue 22-Feb-05 21:27:51

We've had one of these for approaching 2 years now and use it all the time. I did try it against two other juicers and got much more juice for less fruit as claimed. It's also one of the easiest I've had to clean and not having to chop fruit into tiny pieces makes me more inclined to use it, well that and the price!

But it's hardly whisper quiet!!! Before he could talk my son used to make the noise of the juicer to let us know he wanted juice, I thought he was pretending to drill.

I can't bear watching the advertisement, none of the people look like they really try the juice.

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