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Lingere Advice Wanted

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Chuffed Thu 17-Feb-05 13:57:15

Does anybody know where I can get some bras made for me that aren't tooo expensive. Basically I have exhausted everywhere I can think of to buy bras that fit me properly - the fitter at Selfridges said I would have to have them made and it would cost about £250 a pop. Bravissimo and figleaves don't have anything, m&s have one type but it might just have to do.
I basically need either a soft cup of a 32/24 E with no seams or if it is underwired no gap at the front between the wires as I have no gap at the front to put them in.

Help Please I get so depressed everytime I am shopping and don't want to wear my nursing bra anymore as I can see myself having to wear these forever.

katzguk Thu 17-Feb-05 14:00:00

got great bras small prices give them a go stock changes regularly

catgirl Thu 17-Feb-05 14:04:27

can you try Rigby and Pellar, great underwear shop just off Bond Street - proper fitters etc - but you may have tried them already??

Chuffed Thu 17-Feb-05 19:55:55

Thanks both of you. Had a look on brastop they don't have any seamfree by the look so will try Rigby and Pellar although aren't they super expensive?

Eeek Thu 17-Feb-05 20:01:32

You can have a look at the Rigby and Pellar prices on line here I paid £38 for my bra which made me gasp at the time but I finally have a bra which fits me! There are 2 shops - one on Conduit Street and one by Harrods. If you give them a price limit they'll work to it. They're fantastic.

Chuffed Sat 19-Feb-05 22:08:34

Eeek - I finally have two breasts instead of one large one - Rigby and Pellar were great but shame about the 2.5hr wait to be seen.

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