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Now back in fashion ------ Fingerless Gloves

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RTKangaMummy Thu 17-Feb-05 12:23:31

On THIS MORNING today there was a segment talking about fingerless gloves back in fashion and that they are in the shops.

Also the ones with the flap that is buttoned down and then can come over the ends of your fingers.

Wish I had kept mine

I would be high fashion

I think they are practical when shopping so you can open purse, money etc.

Fashion goes round and round

Legwarmers next???

Would you buy them again if you wore them last time round?

RTKangaMummy Thu 17-Feb-05 12:25:20

RTKangaMummy Thu 17-Feb-05 12:27:50

So comment on this thread please

Ameriscot2005 Thu 17-Feb-05 12:30:12

I hated fingerless gloves. It was the fingertips that needed to be kept warm, not the hands.

Beansmum Thu 17-Feb-05 12:32:06

I have fingerless gloves with a flap that buttons, so they can be mittens as well. didn't realise I was so fashionable!

charleypops Thu 17-Feb-05 12:32:43

I'm with Ameriscot

charliecat Thu 17-Feb-05 12:35:49

I had to track some of these down for a friend who works for a laundry service picking up and delivery really heavy bags.....managed to get some thinsulate ones from ebay. So she will be chuffed that they will be in wider circulation...if nothing else!

charliecat Thu 17-Feb-05 12:36:31

Oh she couldnt drive with real gloves on and thought these would do the job! They do!

RTKangaMummy Thu 17-Feb-05 12:57:36

Beansmum did you have them last time round too?

Beansmum Thu 17-Feb-05 12:58:38

when was that?

expatinscotland Thu 17-Feb-05 12:59:44

I love 'em! They're really good for sports. Back in the day, when I was a climber, I even used them as 'crack mitts' in a pinch, so I could shove my hand in stone clefts on the cliff w/o taking the skin off the back of my hands. They're so good for running.

RTKangaMummy Thu 17-Feb-05 13:01:05

About 1880 - 1985

I think

Beansmum Thu 17-Feb-05 13:01:33

well I was born in '81 so probably not.

fairyfly Thu 17-Feb-05 13:01:51

they have been for ages

Beansmum Thu 17-Feb-05 13:02:09

unless my mum put fingerless gloves on a baby? it's not impossible

RTKangaMummy Thu 17-Feb-05 13:02:56

Beansmum prob not then

Gwenick Thu 17-Feb-05 13:07:57

absolute waste of money, always hated them but when I was 11yrs old and went over to a very cold, unheated church to practice the organ we decided that they would be useful.............NOT AT ALL. As someone else has mentioned the fingertips still get cold - and it's them you need to use!!!!

fee77 Thu 17-Feb-05 14:03:07

Charliecat - has your friend tried the gloves made by totes - they have grippy stuff on like their socks, so are fantastic for driving in.

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