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Can anyone help with hockey stick advice please???

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BosworthBear Thu 21-Aug-08 09:21:59

Looking at buying a hockey stick for my daughter, I only need a beginners stick as she is just going into yr 3. What should I look for - some seem to be wooden some composite some both, height wise she is about 1.24m. I have seen sticks from 24" upwards. Price range is probably up to £30 but I have seen some at £9.99 - is this a false economy or a good idea. Also how important is the weight, is the lightest the best or do they need something a bit more solid at this age to hit the ball with (guess technique will be missing!!)

Finally (and I am emabarassed to ask this, but better here than in a shop!) we may be taking her friend with us and she is left handed - is there such a thing as a left handed hockey stick?

Many thanks in advance.

whoops Thu 21-Aug-08 09:32:38


At yr 3 they will just be doing basics I would have thought so a cheap stick would be fine, I'm sure I had a cheap one to start with especially as you don't know if she is going to like it and stick at it.
Weight is important for how the ball is hit etc but again unless she has already been playing it won't be an issue while she learns the technique.

As for the left handed stick, I am afraid there is no such thing! left handed players will just have to learn to play right handed, I know my left handed sis had problems and never really played

I would also suggest if this hasn't already one of the cheap mould yourself gumshields too as balls are very unpredictable when learning and your dd won't want missing teeth at that age!


nailpolish Thu 21-Aug-08 09:39:13

i am left handed and i played hockey all through school

i had a right handed stick (my own) and it was fine - i was the best defender they had grin

BosworthBear Thu 21-Aug-08 09:40:57

Thanks, have already invested in shin pads, mould yourself gumsheild and astro turf boots. Keep thinking to myself that by the time they are ready the games period will be over!!! Do you have any idea about stick length?

nailpolish Thu 21-Aug-08 09:45:17

i wouldltn get a light one - but dont spend loads of money

best thng to do with length is find out what lenght she uses at school if you can - otherwise go to the shop and see what she thinks is comfy

i would ask about lefthanded sticks too

if osmeone hasnt started making them id be v surprised

whoops Thu 21-Aug-08 09:47:44

For stick height we always say up to hip height is best but whatever is comfortable for your dd as I know lots of people that play with longer/shorter sticks

Heifer Thu 21-Aug-08 10:36:50

Are you sure you NEED to buy her a stick if she is only in year 3. If she playing at a club also?

If she does, then I am guessing she will need a 32" may be 30 may be 34".

Where abouts are you BosworthBear, there may well be a decent hockey shop nearby where your DD can practice with the stick in the shop and you can get some advice from the sales staff (unlike the normal sports shop that no nothing about hockey)..

LIZS Thu 21-Aug-08 10:38:12

Do you need one for year 3 ? dd is starting (also left handed) and school supply plus they will only do it for one term on and off.

BosworthBear Thu 21-Aug-08 13:51:19

I'm near Leicester and I believe that there is a hockey warehouse there, just wanted to get some basic guidance before i went to visit.

SueW Thu 21-Aug-08 13:58:51

DD had one for Y3, hip height recommended by school.

We picked one up for about a fiver from JJB. My friend's daughter plays hockey for two clubs, county and school and has one which costs about £100 I think. She went to that hockey warehouse in Leicester.

If she gets very into it later, then buy her osmething better.

I'm also lefthanded and played right handed at school.

Heifer Thu 21-Aug-08 17:54:45

Bosworth Bear, The hockey factory will know what your DD needs. These shops don't usually try to sell you the expensive sticks when you don't need them.

Just be prepared that some sticks do go up to £180 so don't let your DD near them! grin

Beware of the opening times of the shop though.

9am-5.30pm Tuesday to Friday, 9.30am-1pm Saturday .

Sunday & Monday CLOSED

BosworthBear Fri 22-Aug-08 07:11:45

Thanks Heifer, hope the expensive ones aren't pink then she will probably have less interest!!

BosworthBear Fri 22-Aug-08 07:11:46

Thanks Heifer, hope the expensive ones aren't pink then she will probably have less interest!!

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