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Bubaboo buggy board - would you recommend it?

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lovecat Thu 21-Aug-08 08:39:48

Have posted this already in Chat before I remembered this section existed blush

Asking on behalf of my sister, who is expecting her 2nd very soon.

I asked her if there was anything I could get her for the new baby, and she said she'd love a buggy board - unfortunately she has a bugaboo and (but of course) they have a specific, costly, buggy board of their own rather than a bog-standard one you can buy at Mothercare...

Whilst I'm perfectly prepared to fork out (she is my only sister), a quick surf of ebay and read of the reviews has revealed that most users have 'barely used them' (ebay) and/or didn't like it because they had to walk to one side of the pram to push it.

So I thought I'd run it past the wise women of MN to see what you thought.

I have also seen this (ignore horrible website name, t'was the first google that came up) on ebay etc and thought it looked much better, but her lo will be 2.9 when the baby arrives and I'm not sure she's too young for it...?

What d'you reckon?

Ta very much

manamana Fri 29-Aug-08 20:25:19

hi there, not sure what's happening but this message keeps crashing on me so i'll be short!
yes, get one. great desaign, easy to get on and off and lift up when not in use. No more awkward than the standard rectangle shaped ones (i've tried out my friend's). My d was 2.5 when first started using it and is now 3 - still using. The bike thing just looks too big to store in house/take in car etc etc
Hope all goes well smile

CarGirl Fri 29-Aug-08 20:30:36

I used a lascal maxi 3g on my bugaboo frog it was ace (have used buggyboards on lots of different pushchairs). When the bugaboo is in carrycot mode you have to fit it as it shows on the lascal website but once the baby is older then you can attach it to the uprights and the adult has even more foot room to push.

Although I did see someone with their bug board attached to the front pushing it along with their dd sat on it which was quite cool.

I also think the Tug is really cool - you buy an adaptor to attach it to the pushchair

FruitynNutty Fri 29-Aug-08 20:40:28

Lovecat You can use a buggy board on a Bugaboo - The Lascal one.
Also, I have the Bibi bike attachment and so have most of my Childminder friends. Probably the best thing I have ever bought! It fits on every single pushchair/pram I have tried it on. All the children love it. I've had it for about 1.5 years. It's not bulky/big, attaches/detaches very very easily, and not too big to store either.

If the Bugaboo buggy board is much more expensive than the Lascal one then I would go for the latter. I think you might need extra attachment arms though, not sure. I have definitely seen this buggy board on a Bugaboo before many times as I remember being quite surprised they managed to get it on! Especially knowing those clever people at Bugaboo hmm Not tried mine yet because I have lost one of the pieces to the buggy board.

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