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Help me choose a Christening Outfit..........

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emmatmg Wed 16-Feb-05 14:25:57

I've been asked to be a God mother to my cousins new baby and I haven't a clue what to wear.

I wore a smart trouser/top/boots thing whan I was GM to their first but fel I should waer soemthing more girly this time.

I already have some nice high-ish heel sandels(sort of pink/dark pink/beige hard to explain) and quite like this Skirt (white with embroidered flowers) which my shoes would look nice with but what do I wear on top?

Is that Ok for a christening?

I really don't want to spent £££££££ on something that will only be be that day alone so suit type jackets/outfits aren't ideal, plus I'd feel really uncomfortable in one.

I hate shopping(yes I know, I'm very weird) so really need some help.

Thanks ladies.

emmatmg Wed 16-Feb-05 14:27:52

BTW it's in April so can't wear anything like the top on the link......

Sorry about typos too.

northerner Wed 16-Feb-05 14:35:26

Hi Emma.

Yes I really like that skirt. I think it is suitable for a christening (you could wear it in teh summer too and dress it down with flip flops)Are the flowers on it pink? if so wear it with a nice pink fitted cardi or twin set.

Juliehafrancis Wed 16-Feb-05 14:36:52

The skirt is lovely! and I would definetely consider that something you could wear at a Christening. When is the Christening? and do you have any preferences as regards what type of top you like?

Juliehafrancis Wed 16-Feb-05 14:37:27

Sorry just read your message....!

morningpaper Wed 16-Feb-05 14:37:44

Oooh nice twin-set would be perfect with it, I agree!

Juliehafrancis Wed 16-Feb-05 14:39:53

Couldn't you wear a nice summer top from next (they have loads of lovely ones) and have a little cream or pinky cardgan or jacket?

emmatmg Wed 16-Feb-05 14:41:56

They are pink, northener( you can zoom in to see them close up I think)

I did think about a cardi/twin set(and I would definatley wear one again) but the Mum had a lovely John Roche(sp?) dress(from Debenhams though) before so I suspect she'll wear something equally as lovely/posh/expensive.

I really don't do posh though......maybe I'll just have to be the under dressed poor relation

God, I'm

emmatmg Wed 16-Feb-05 14:42:37

God, I' bad at shopping!!!

emmatmg Wed 16-Feb-05 19:46:36

Any more suggestions from the evening crew?

please help..........

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