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expensive vitamins - worth the extra?

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nowirehangers Tue 19-Aug-08 16:18:05

Have been v sick recently and still recovering. A friend recommended solgar vitamins to me but have just looked at the price - £95 for 180 and am shock
However, the vit supplement I use now cost something like 99p from Savers blush, which is the other extreme
I'd pay all the cash if it made me better, after all health is priceless, but is it just a marketing con? Grateful for any advice

moondog Tue 19-Aug-08 16:19:08

Marketing con.
You don't need vits. at all. Just eat good fresh food andget some exercise.

Cappuccino Tue 19-Aug-08 16:19:49

moondog please come and cook for me

I can't be fagged atm

moondog Tue 19-Aug-08 16:27:15

Just eat porridge,good bread, cheese and fruit then.

Cappuccino Tue 19-Aug-08 16:29:42

oh good


and wine obv

I will chuck dh a chorizo occasionally to keep him sweet

moondog Tue 19-Aug-08 16:31:04

Yes, wine v important to keep pecker up.

nowirehangers Tue 19-Aug-08 16:32:48

Do all that, moondog - though exercise tricky as am still weak
someone swore they made a miracle recovery from similar condition with solgar but ... hmmm

Cappuccino Tue 19-Aug-08 16:33:48

if you're going to spend that much I'd spend it on a nutritionist to tell you where the gaps in your diet are

everyone is different

Cappuccino Tue 19-Aug-08 16:34:29

esp if you are ill

I had a diet drawn up for me for ME by a friend who is a nutritionist

bossybritches Tue 19-Aug-08 16:37:51

Agree go to a nutritionist but if you DO have to get supplements ( and yes moondog we all know fresh food is best but sometimes you need a little extra boost) Solgar are the best as you don't get all the bulking agents the cheaper ones use to keep costs down.Expensive but worth it -only short termthough to kick start yourself then hit the fresh foods!!

Mercy Tue 19-Aug-08 16:39:14

That's far too much money.

There's only 2 brands of multivitamins which I would recommend - Multibionta and another one whose name escapes me now! I only take them in the winter.

nowirehangers Tue 19-Aug-08 16:40:23

thanks, bossy, that's what I needed to know - couldn't work out how they could possibly justify charging that amount

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