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Funky wipeclean tablecloth?

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lyndap Wed 16-Feb-05 08:48:19

Anyone know where I can get something funky (abstract/kath kidson/polka dots type thang) that's a waterproof tablecloth?
I know Blooming marvellous do them and they are very nice but not just what I'm after pattern wise.
My room is neutral/coffee/creams colours and my dining chairs have brown leather seats.
Can you just buy the wipe clean material from a roll and use it once you cut it or do you need to do anything else?
Thanks for any help you may be able to offer!!!

Doddle Wed 16-Feb-05 08:50:27

John Lewis, loads of fun designs, just buy it off the roll, because it's plastic backed it doesn't need hemming! We've got sparkly blue, chosen by DS1.

BearintheBigBlueHouse Wed 16-Feb-05 09:09:57

We got this one off the roll at John Lewis - it sounds like it might fit your decor (which BTW is v similar to ours - great minds...)

Clayhead Wed 16-Feb-05 09:22:13

I did exactly as Doddle suggests, I got the sparkly silver and I love it. They have laods of fabrics in neutral colours too.

Juliehafrancis Wed 16-Feb-05 09:24:38

Do you roughly know how much it cost?

Clayhead Wed 16-Feb-05 09:25:45

About £10 a meter, I think. I remember paying £20 for my dining room tabl and I'm pretty sure it was 2m.

KeepingMum Wed 16-Feb-05 09:28:36

Snap BearintheBigBluehouse!, we have a metre of exactly the same one. £10. Decor is aspiring to similar but not quite there yet.

zeebee Wed 16-Feb-05 09:28:54

Hey lyndap, we've got the Noah's Ark one in Bear's pic too - as you will soon see! Think it would go well in your dining area. It was definitely the best one I could find, cost about £20 I think from John Lewis. They cut it to your size and you don't need to do anything to the edges.

lyndap Wed 16-Feb-05 09:46:34

Thanks so much for the ideas and suggestions! The Noah's Ark cloth looks great and I'm also intrigued by the sparkly disco one at John Lewis so will deffo go and have a look!
Zeebee, yes - looking forward to seeing you all at the start of March and admiring your tablecloth in person!!!

abusybee Wed 16-Feb-05 10:21:20

we got the sparkly silver one from JL about 4 years ago and love it too. It is almost always on the table as it is glass and has lasted well - is just starting to give up the ghost so money well spent I reckon.

handlemecarefully Wed 16-Feb-05 10:42:26

Another one with a John Lewis off the roll vinyl backed table cloth that worked out at about £20. Ours has a green background and zoo animals (like giraffe, elephant) on it. From what I recall there was a huge choice.

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