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Washer Dryer - which brand - URGENT PLEASE, need to decide in the next half hour

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theITgirl Mon 18-Aug-08 17:07:09

History, we have a parts and labour warranty for our washer dryer, which has been breaking recently a lot so they have finally agreed to replace rather than repair.

However this is our second Hotpoint machine and I am not happy with the reliability so would like a different make.

So can anyone recommend a better make, I probably will not get a choice in model but have been told I should be able to chose the manufacturer.

Before anyone asks it has to be a washer dryer, there is no room for a seperate tumble dryer (if there was, I would be getting a dish washer instead). There is not even enough space for a drying rack, except in the bath which is a PITA. I do hang clothes outside when I can, but need the dryer for those short, cold & wet days.

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