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Real nappies - can anyone recommend a good trial pack?

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tostaky Mon 18-Aug-08 15:21:42

because i'm lost and confused....

Thank you...

tostaky Mon 18-Aug-08 15:22:37

b/w im thinking about a mix b/w flat, shapped and pocket nappies...
but i dont know anything about the different brands and whetehr to opt for bamboo or cotton etc...


fairy15 Mon 18-Aug-08 21:12:15

My friend is selling a little lamb trail pack of 20 only 1 used if your intrested

Didylicious Mon 18-Aug-08 21:39:48

I use the little lamb bamboo nappies - I bought the whole birth to potty kit (seems expensive initially = but is way cheaper than all the other kits I saw of this type of nappy). I am VERY happy with it.

They're lovely and easy to use.

Saves money on paper nappies - lots of money saved.

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