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Rear-facing carseats and travel-sick mummy!

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BorgLady Mon 18-Aug-08 11:27:22

I was a but silly not to have researched this before my baby was born, but we got the car seat with the pushchair and never thought any more of it.

Firstly, please can someone confirm that all newborn carseats have to be rear facing? I have a big problem in that I am massively travel sick and I have to sit in the front.

On the way home from hospital, DS went in the back, but we couldn't see him at all! Not too bad on a short journey, but we have to make a 3 hour trip at the weekend to see DP's family. Obviously, we're planning to stop regularly, but it's a bank holiday and there's bound to be traffic problems.

I can't take travel sickness pills either as DS is breastfed.

Are there any other solutions out there? One of those stick-on mirrors might work, has anyone used one on the back window?

I can't be the only one with this problem, I know you can't use rear-facing seats in the front if you have a passenger airbag either, so what do people do?


sazm Mon 18-Aug-08 11:30:58

yes infant seats must be fitted rear facing,and according to the instructions.
you can get mirrors that attach to the rear headrests so you can see lo.
i take it you cannot drive?
some cars you can de-activate the air-bag.

crokky Mon 18-Aug-08 11:31:27

You have to have rear facing.

Get yourself a large mirror and attach it to the headrest above your DS's carseat.

Here is the one I have G=1&ST=0&ASC1=1&ASC2=0

The driver looks in the ordinary rear view mirror and then can see the baby in the big mirror.

MatNanPlus Mon 18-Aug-08 11:32:21

The mirrors are great, put baby in car seat in the back and then you sit in your seat and get huby to do all the tweaking, i marked mine with nail polish once they were in the right position so each time i could check before getting in the car.

As for the TS, ginger?

And yes baby's need to be rearward facing until minimum 9m or 13kgs, it really is the safest position for them as should you need to stop forcefully they will be pushed into the baby seat unlike us who fly forwards first with the seat belt stopping us with a forceful snap and our head is flopping about.

sherbetdipdab Mon 18-Aug-08 11:34:32

We use one of the mirrors that clip onto the backseat and you can just turn to see the baby, its fab!

I was really bad in the car with sickness in this pregnancy and had to sit in the front too, but as long as I could check on DS in the mirror I felt less anxious.

Car sickness is rotten though and I've never found anything that stops it. I'm not so bad when I'm not pregnant though.

I got mine from Mothercare I think, it was about £10.

BorgLady Mon 18-Aug-08 12:18:45

Thanks everyone!

Forgot to add that I can't drive! Thanks for the links etc to the mirrors, looks like that is the way to go.

Travel sickness is bloody miserable, had it ever since I was a child, and the only thing that really cures it is sitting in the front seat so I can see out properly. Pills aren't too bad, but they make me very drowsy and as I say, not an option now I'm breastfeeding.

Thanks again!

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