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Dora the explorer birthday supplies

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pickledonion Tue 15-Feb-05 18:40:48

Anyone know were i can get dora the explorer party supplier from -

banners etc

Whizzz Tue 15-Feb-05 18:55:15

here but they are imported & expensive !

mirandab Sat 19-Feb-05 17:24:12

Have you tried ebay?


IlanaK Sun 20-Feb-05 12:48:03

I just got a whole load from a wonderful site in the US called birthday express. Now, I have no idea if they ship internationally as my husband was in the US on business and brought them back for me. They are the exact same range as shown on whizzz's link, but much much cheaper. As the exchange rate is soooo good at the moment, it may be worth looking into international shipping. PLates, cups ets are very light. Nick Jr does have a shop here, but although it sells Dora stuff, I did not see any party stuff. However, they seem to be expanding their range all the time so it may be worth contacting them.


tamum Sun 20-Feb-05 12:52:16

There are some on eBay, here but not cheap!

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