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Can you help me find a toy for DD2 who loves this sort of thing please.....

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BigBadMousey Sun 17-Aug-08 21:51:31

elc rocket

This should be an easy one but I can't think of anything that fits the bill.

She loves this rocket because it has people, makes sounds, and everything has a place (inherited anally retentive trait blush) so she puts the moon bugy away, puts the people to bed and shuts the doors etc.

I need something not too costly, hard wearing and that is safe to have lying around when DC3 gets mobile.

TIA smile

Milliways Sun 17-Aug-08 21:53:45

Playmobil 123??

gemmiegoatlegs Sun 17-Aug-08 21:58:58

how about some of the little people stuff from Fisher Price? both my dcs loved it, dd still plays with it a lot and she is now 3...even ds has a go every now and then. it is very sturdy and several of the sets have sounds and pressy buttons. "How about

Fimbo Sun 17-Aug-08 22:06:11

My ds has a car transport thing which is not unlike this it folds up. Looks better in rl than the link tbh

EachPeachPearMum Tue 19-Aug-08 11:28:23

A farm? We have a wooden one (John Crane) and ELC animals, but the little people farm is lovely too- has lots of animals and people to 'put away' or to bed, a tractor, even makes soe noises (until Mummy loses the batteries) and is safe for teenier ones, as the bits aren't too small at all.
A garage and cars is probably a good idea, or a wooden railway- DD loves hers- its an ikea one, quite inexpensive.

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