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Car seat which can go in different cars?

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lilybubble Tue 15-Feb-05 16:57:24

Hi there,
I am hoping for some suggestions for a car seat for my 18mo dd please! We don't have a car, but will soon be hiring one a couple of times, so it will make more sense to buy one rather than hire one (which is £23 a DAY!!)

I've seen some really nice ones on Kiddicare, and also some cheap ones in Argos. Basically, I need recommendations for one which we can easily put in and take out of a car. Can anyone suggest any?? Price not the biggest issue, the portability is the most important.

Thanks in advance.

misdee Tue 15-Feb-05 17:05:32

how tall and what weight is your dd?

lilybubble Tue 15-Feb-05 17:11:23

Sorry, should have mentioned that. She's 82cm /32" and 11.25kg / 24lb 7oz

misdee Tue 15-Feb-05 17:12:22

have u got mothercare nearby? ask them for some recommendations. and then order one onlne to save money!

lilybubble Tue 15-Feb-05 17:30:38

Yes, have been to Mothercare, and they were really unhelpful, saying I'd have to tell them which make and model of car it would be for!

Surely there must be a couple of models which are suitable to be swapped around?

WestCountryLass Tue 15-Feb-05 20:28:13

I just bought the Britax reversible car seat (goes rea and forward facing from birth to 4 years) and it will go in pretty much any car.

misdee Tue 15-Feb-05 20:38:21

is that the 1st class si? wont fit in my parents car.

Jbck Tue 15-Feb-05 22:54:36

We've got Maxi-Cosi Priori with the side impact protection & it fits (to name but a few) Toyota Avensis, Peugeot 206, Nissan Primera & Mitsubishi L200. Tried it out in Mothercare think it's about £120 there & bought it from Kiddicare for about £70 cos we really needed 2. Ordered it 4pm Tuesday & had them first thing Thursday morning.

HunkerMunker Tue 15-Feb-05 22:57:36

The First Class won't go in our car forward-facing (Honda Civic), but it does rear facing. Like that's any bloody good!

Britax have a fit-finder on their website you can try - list of all the models of car and their seats and which one it fits in.

We have a Maxi-Cosi Priori XP and it fits in our car.

Jbck Tue 15-Feb-05 22:57:45

Should really have mentioned we've used it in all those cars there not just from the manufacturers list. Quite a few of the companies will tell you if you contact their customer service what models their seats fit. It's suitable from 20lbs or 9 months. We really wanted the Bebe Confort Iseos but it doesn't suit bucket type seats which DH had at the time in his car.

ediemay Tue 15-Feb-05 23:39:34

Hi, I have a Maxi Cosi priori in my car and bought a Chicco carseat from Toys R Us last year when DS was 18m to use in DP's and grandaprents' cars. I love it, it's so easy to move and use, and in my opinion very well designed. It cost about £70.

lilybubble Wed 16-Feb-05 00:38:21

Aw that's great - thank you so, so much for that everyone, I'm really grateful! Will get shopping then.....

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