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Who makes the best sofas?

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hf128219 Sun 17-Aug-08 18:46:08

I am after a new sofa. Classic style, good upholstery, built to last.

Who do you recommend?


nancy75 Sun 17-Aug-08 18:47:16

how much do you want to spend?

Purplepillow Sun 17-Aug-08 18:47:22

Well I've just bought a gorgeous leather sofa from dfs and it's fantastic grin

we hav nice one from <whispers> next. we really like it.

expatinscotland Sun 17-Aug-08 18:48:13

our landlords have a leather IKEA couch that is wonderful!

southeastastra Sun 17-Aug-08 18:49:52

sofa workshops looks good, i'm eyeing up a nice leather one from john lewis atm.

fed up with sofas not lasting that long, have got through a few, even two expensive ones from habitat

elfsmummy Sun 17-Aug-08 18:50:43

I can only add NOT Laura Ashley.

We have a fabulous leather one from House of Fraser that still looks as good today as when we bought it 5 years ago. The much newer Laura Ashley one looks rubbish - really saggy

hf128219 Sun 17-Aug-08 18:51:03

Ooh money! A few grand per chance. I know that sounds a lot but my last one is 15 years old and still looks as good as new (cost a few bob then).

nancy75 Sun 17-Aug-08 18:52:13

parker and farr - expensive but lovely

Lauriefairycake Sun 17-Aug-08 18:55:50

I got mine from Matthew Barnett in West London - he supplies many of the high end shops

had it 8 years (leather) and is wearing wonderfully well.

betterhalf Sun 17-Aug-08 18:59:22

Indigo Furniture in Derbyshire. Gorgeous stuff.

savoycabbage Sun 17-Aug-08 19:01:10

I have got a Multiyork sofa. It is so comfortable. We have had it at least seven years and is still lovely.

hf128219 Sun 17-Aug-08 19:28:05

Any experience of Duresta? It's so hard!

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