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Now here's a challenge - hairdye that DOESN'T cover grey!

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Miaou Tue 15-Feb-05 16:23:38

My hair isn't that grey - just one or two silvery bits that catch the light, and I quite like them! Thing is, my natural hair colour is a kind of dull brown, which doesn't go well with my complexion. I would love to find a home hair dye that doesn't cover up my grey bits but lightens up my colour! Anyone got any ideas?

Twiglett Tue 15-Feb-05 16:26:05

get one of those ones with natural streaks .. and jsut use the streaks???

northerner Tue 15-Feb-05 16:26:08

I'm not an expert on this, but would think you are asking the impossible! Surely a hair dye, dyes all of the hair?

How about highlights instead?

Miaou Tue 15-Feb-05 16:36:32

Not necessarily, northerner - I used to used a semi-permanent hairdye that didn't cover grey, only I can't find it in the shops now. Grey hair is different to ordinary hair re. its porousity (is that a word?).

Highlights are out - live too far from a hairdressers!

Miaou Tue 15-Feb-05 16:47:09

Guess there isn't one then!

Kelly1978 Tue 15-Feb-05 16:58:01

I've been dying my hair since I was 16, I prefer to cover my greys!! I think most semi permanants don't cover grey, I'm sure you would find some if you looked. It's not difficult to do highlights at home neither, but it's best if you have a friend to help.

SofiaAmes Tue 15-Feb-05 23:35:26

Yesa semi permanent will partially cover the gray. The gray will show up as highlghts.

CazTurner Wed 16-Feb-05 05:59:36

Hi Kelly1978

I tried to CAT you but it tells me I can't, I've been trying to contact you about the DD100 and A103 thing! Let me know if you still want to do it! My email is, I'm pretty sure there aren't any axe-murderers on here, if there are ... well ... good luck! Take care ... CAZ

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