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Wrap sling at airport

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pleasechange Sat 16-Aug-08 21:45:16

I'm flying for the first time with my 7 week old next week and plan to use a sling for around the airport and on the plane as well if poss.

I have a stretch wrap and know you can pre-wrap these and pop lo in. Can this also be done in a woven wrap?

Does anyone have experience of using a sling during flights?

babyOcho Sun 17-Aug-08 04:09:15

We used our ERGO carrier at the airport and on the flight to San Francisco.
I've no experience with a wrap.

It was the first time that we traveled with her and our pram was checked in, but I would say if you ever travel by plane with a LO take a sling, so much better. Also, if your LO is unsettled on the flight or sleep-fights due to so much to look at, you can sling her to get her to sleep.

LostGirl Sun 17-Aug-08 07:22:41

I fly regularly and always used a stretchy wrap with dd until she was 5 months. Was far easier than using a pushchair, especially as was travelling by myself. Was worried that I would be asked to take it off at the security check point as it contains far more material than a coat and plenty of potential for hiding things under, but never have been. The only difficulty I ever had was that I had to take her out of the sling to put the seatbelt etc on, and this would always wake her up. Dd is now 8mths and I use a mei tai which means I don't have to wake her to get the seatbelt on. I haven't tried a wovwn wrap but believe that it is the same, you can still pop them in and out.

pleasechange Sun 17-Aug-08 20:37:04

Thanks both, its good to know they don't generally make you take off the sling through security, that certainly makes things easier!

thisisyesterday Sun 17-Aug-08 20:41:58

no, you can't pre-wrap a woven wrap because it would need to be loose enough to get baby in, which would mean it wouldn't be tight enough to be comfy/hold baby in place.
you have to wrap baby in it

pleasechange Mon 18-Aug-08 10:11:17

Thanks thisisyesterday, I didn't realise that. Think I'll take the stretchy wrap just in case they make me take baby out

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