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Dishwasher or no DIshwasher - Be honest

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BubblesDeVere Tue 15-Feb-05 13:41:59

Well, after years saying 'I would not have one of them given' and having a husband who does not know how to wash up (I went away last week weds to sat and came home to find the kids breakfast dishes in the sink , his excuse?, he went out and got drunk with the lads and was too hungover to do it ).

I have discovered the joys of a dishwasher, I stayed with a friend last week and used hers and it was fab. I have bought and IndesitIDL700 and now sat twiddling my thumbs waiting for it to arrive and baulking at the thought of going to wash up the few dishes I have.

What do you think of yours?

galaxy Tue 15-Feb-05 13:42:59

Love it and couldn't survive without it...has that convinced you?

mears Tue 15-Feb-05 13:43:49

love it. couldn't so without it

Poshpaws Tue 15-Feb-05 13:43:58

Back up what galaxy says - love, love, love mine!

BubblesDeVere Tue 15-Feb-05 13:45:32

Must admit that the only person who isn't keen is dh, i just lost it with him and said that i begrudge washing up all the time and if he isn't going to help then I have a dishwasher.

galaxy Tue 15-Feb-05 13:47:48

You go girl and get him to pay for it too.

HunkerMunker Tue 15-Feb-05 13:48:58

It's fantastic. I loathe washing up with a passion and it's the best most magical appliance we possess.

sallystrawberry Tue 15-Feb-05 13:50:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gingerbear Tue 15-Feb-05 13:53:44

but now you will argue about who loads and unloads it - we do!

Gwenick Tue 15-Feb-05 13:54:41

Fantastic - unloading is such a doddle too :-)

BubblesDeVere Tue 15-Feb-05 13:54:58

Gingerbear, not bothered if I have to unload it, the thing that gets me now is that I can wash up four or five times a day and he NEVER thinks of putting a mucky plate in the bowl (every time I get something to eat) I fill the bowl.

ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Tue 15-Feb-05 13:56:08

Yes I too am in the process of getting a dishwasher after starting a similar thread a couple of weeks ago.

Enough is enough. My hands need the rest and so do I!

BubblesDeVere Tue 15-Feb-05 13:58:13

Blossomhill, which one are you considering?

gingerbear Tue 15-Feb-05 13:59:03

I hate it when people throw things into the bowl - the girl guide in me likes a clean bowl of hot soapy water, wash 'clean' things first followed by increasingly dirty items, selected from a neatly sticked dirty pile at the side of the sink.
One of the reasons we got a dishwasher in the first place!!

BubblesDeVere Tue 15-Feb-05 14:00:11

By throwing it in the bowl, I also meant taking it out the other side when it has been cleaned, but he can't grasp this concept.

ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Tue 15-Feb-05 14:01:54

Not sure tbh Bubbles. Got to get my dad to measure up (he is a plumber) but may have to be a slimline although would prefer a full-size of course!

Mum2girls Tue 15-Feb-05 14:02:09

I would sooner give up DP than my dishwasher

BubblesDeVere Tue 15-Feb-05 14:03:45

I looked at getting a compact one but there isn't much difference price wise in getting a standard size one

Gwenick Tue 15-Feb-05 14:03:51

blossom - we've got a slimline and at Christmas only had to do 2 loads to wash everything from Christmas lunch (including the pots and pans) and we had 3 courses, and there were 7 of us!

galaxy Tue 15-Feb-05 14:04:35

Orrs is a Hotpoint BDV...think I'd go for a Zanussi next time. Think there's some threads on this under Products if you search the archives

Mum2girls Tue 15-Feb-05 14:15:14

I would sooner give up DP than my dishwasher

Gwenick Tue 15-Feb-05 14:22:25

We've got the Zanussi slimline - nice little dishwaser

mishi1977 Tue 15-Feb-05 14:22:43

love love love love if there was a dishwasher valentines i would have bought

PrettyCandles Tue 15-Feb-05 14:23:56

We're looking forward to getting our first dishwasher later this year (in the sales of course! ). I don't think that who loads or unloads it will be a problem, but I'm sure that the relationship will be seriously strained over how it is stacked . Rinse first, or brush off the bits as well? Stack facing in or out? Knives and forks point up or down? Glasses in front of mugs, or mugs in front of glasses?

Chandra Tue 15-Feb-05 14:26:41

Having a dishwasher is like having children, once you have one you can not imagine life without it

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