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Considering a mini......

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MuffinMclay Sat 16-Aug-08 12:59:07

Does anyone have one? How do you find it?

Will it meet my car-buying criteria: fun to drive, good acceleration, good mpg?

Do they come with Isofix as standard?

MingMingtheWonderPet Sat 16-Aug-08 21:33:01

We have a mini and it is fab.
We have the Mini Cooper S , great fun to drive.

Ours didn't come with Isofix, but it is 3 years old and things may have changed.

Struggled to get 1st style carseat to fit, and have only used it since DD reached 8months plus ans she was in next carseat, though no doubt you could find a suitable fro birth one. We just didn't bother as I mostly use our other car when trawling kids around.

Best to put child in the seat diagnolly behind you. I am v tall and strugglt to fit a child in the seat directly behind me as I then have to have my knees round my ears!

What type are you looking at? And crucially, what colour combination?
If the options are still the same then I would also vote for looking at one with the chilli pack accessories.

jojosmaman Sat 16-Aug-08 22:07:27

I have had a mini and now have a mini convertable (Bought I might add a week before i found out I was pregnant!). i love it, isofix as standrd in mine and no problem with first car seat in the front (air bag easily switched off) and now second seat in back.

Great to drive, low to the ground and easy steering. Also surprisingly roomy- I have had two big suitcases in the back of mine with seats dropped!

DrZeus Sat 16-Aug-08 22:17:04

Got a mini cooper - fab!

Totally impractical but really good fun! My kids (6 and 4) love it. It has isofix but we have booster seats. Can't fit a lot in the boot although a weeks shopping will go in at a push. Seems to be pretty economical, only need to fill up every couple of weeks. Have the chilli pack on ours, so have climate control plus various other extras.

Love it! It's the car that brings a smile to my face when I drive it.

babyOcho Sun 17-Aug-08 04:40:21

I really miss my Mini. I traded it for a bigger car when I found out I was pregnant.

They are such fun cars and really well built. I never had any problems with it... apart from people nicking bits from it and it got keyed for no reason once.

Ahhh, I wonder where she is and if she is being looked after. I miss my Mini

And... if you get one, you can arrange for your dealer for you to go on the factory tour in Oxford. It's really cool, logistically amazing. Real good example of efficiency and production. A big difference to the hand built car factory tour that we went on where the cars got wheeled around and sat in the yard!

MuffinMclay Sun 17-Aug-08 20:53:12

Oooh, all good stuff. No idea what chilli packs are, but will investigate now!

So, those of you with isofix, do you have isofix for 2 seats in the back? By the time we get it (by end of Oct) ds2 will be in a forward-facing seat, I should think.

I love the idea of a tour of the factory. That would be the best day out ever!

I want a car that brings a smile to my face. Boots space isn't a problem; we have an estate car that can be used for shopping, dog transportation etc.

Trying to decide between a mini and the new Fiesta.hmm

jojosmaman Tue 19-Aug-08 21:38:53

Yes I think it has isofix for two?

Mini vs Fiesta.... No contest, mini wins hands down for cool factor alone!!

Nappyzoneneedssleep Tue 19-Aug-08 21:44:16

Ok im going to dive in here - i have been looking toO at the convertible and my buggy fits in but i am wondering about kids legs fitting in comfortably - im 5ft 6 so average height wise (medium legs lol!) anyway dd is almost 6 so needs leg space and ds will eventually be in a booster seat toO though currently in a britax renaisance car seat thingy fwd facing - do you think it would be practical too? Will non isofix seats fit in?


Orinoco Tue 19-Aug-08 21:49:07

Message withdrawn

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