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Foam play mats that "lock" together from ASDA

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iMum Fri 15-Aug-08 21:20:33

I bought a set of these on Wednesday from my local ASDA and am really impressed and want a few more sets, my local store has run out and I cant see them on the web.
Dont suppose any lovely mumsnetters have them in their local store-would you be willing to send them to me, I can pay by paypal or cheque etc and of course postage too.

Would really be looking for 3 sets (9 tiles in each set)

I know its a long shot but would be soooo grateful if any of you lovely ladies can help.

Umlellala Fri 15-Aug-08 21:37:16

sorry, no asda near us. its prob way more expensive but we got some foam playmat things for dd 2 years ago from jojomamanbebe... she has used them from birth - and still plays with them now (got 2 sets so we play matching gaMES!)

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