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Best large fridge-freezer?

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Willow2 Tue 15-Feb-05 10:28:29

Need a new fridge freezer. Want copious amounts of space for fruit and veg and deli stuff - and less freezer than fridge. Am contemplating the liebherr CBN5066 - see here because a friend swears by the biofresh bit which keeps stuff fresh for ages - and liebherr are supposedly very good make. Will have to leave the ice maker bit switched off for time being as won't be able to plumb it in until we re-do the kitchen (if we ever re-do the kitchen). Considering it won't be built in, should I go for a stainless steel option - or will I wish I hadn't wasted the money?

Your help would be appreciated. It is taking months to make up my mind and it is just one more thing on a very long list of things to do that I could really do with just doing!

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