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Help needed to find a buggy that cn work with a maxi cosy car seat

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youcannotbeserious Thu 14-Aug-08 17:10:20

Just wondering if nyone can help me:

I bought a travel system from Mamas and papas and am not happy with it at all....

Since then, I've bought DS a Maxi cosy car seat, which he's much happier with, but that is not compatible with the buggy (which I also don't really like!) so I'd like to get something that I can just clip the car seat onto when I need to.

DS is currently 3months, but happy to consider buggys that say from 6months, because I hardly ever use a buggy (prefer the sling), just need it for 2 hours per week for my buggy fit classes!

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

wasabipeanut Thu 14-Aug-08 17:11:42

I think Maxi Cosi are compatible with Buagboos and Quinnys - both quite expensive sadly.

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Thu 14-Aug-08 17:13:12

There are a few, off the top of my head:


I think there are a few more that are advertised with a different car seat, but that are compatable with the Maxi-Cosi one as well. Graco is springing to mind but I could be wrong.

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Thu 14-Aug-08 17:13:40

Oh also the Maxi-Cosi buggies - d'oh!

EyeballsintheSky Thu 14-Aug-08 17:33:56

iCandy Apple/Cherry

What is the M&P one you hate? <<nosey>>

youcannotbeserious Thu 14-Aug-08 17:42:58

pliko travel system....

Have checked hte websites and thinking of a quinny zapp or speedi - nyone got an opinion on those two?

amidaiwish Thu 14-Aug-08 18:44:50

Phil & Teds too.
you need these adaptors.

mustsleep Thu 14-Aug-08 18:50:33

quinny zapp is great for the maxi cosi carseat i used this with dd until she was 6 months but the actual puchchair seat isn;t suitable until they are six months and doesn;t lie flat

is great though if you just want it literally for the carseat

what about the bugaboo bee?

youcannotbeserious Thu 14-Aug-08 19:24:39

Mustsleep - that's just what I need.

DS is 3MO and I need a car seat 'trolley', no more than 2 hours per week, max.

After he's 6MO, who knows, but by then the normal pushchair will be fine...

So Quinny Zapp might be good for me...

Haven't even looked at Bugaboos...

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Thu 14-Aug-08 19:29:49

i heart my quinny zapp!! honestly after searching high and low for a lightweight, small easy to push stroller for dd1 i finally found one with dd2. i used it with maxi cosi the same as mustsleep and it was great clips on off really easily too. you dont even need to take the baby out of the car seat so is great if they are asleep.

NorthernLurker Thu 14-Aug-08 19:33:35

Well I have a Bug and I love it but if you're only going to use it for a tiny amount of time per week then I think it would ber very hard to justify the cost. Do you jog for the buggy fit or is it just walking? Not sure you could jog with a Zapp.

youcannotbeserious Thu 14-Aug-08 19:37:08

Just fast walking right now... but wouldn't want to rule out jogging - would that be a problem with the zapp?

Spent a fortune on the last buggy, so DH will have a field day if I get it wrong again!!

And, yes, only use it rarely... I find the sling much better day to day if you know what I mean...

NorthernLurker Thu 14-Aug-08 19:40:45

As I understand it you want big wheels for proper jogging - so if you're going to want to do that then you may be need to either get something for now and then a jogger type thing when you need it or rethink now and get something that will jog and forget the car seat on it idea.

onelittlelion Thu 14-Aug-08 19:41:06

I think it depends how often you'll use it. I had a zapp when ds was 6 months and was ok for short times but obviously couldn't sleep in as no recline etc. It's a car buggy to me but then I walk loads! It might do for the carseat bit but I wouldn't use it as your nly buggy at 6 months if you want to walk places or ds to sleep in it.

Speedi is nice but quite wide. Buzz good as you can have baby facing you in seat when not in carseat if want. Mayb both to bulky for car tho? More buggys take a maxi cosi than don't tho so lots to choose from!

nicm Thu 14-Aug-08 19:56:24

have a quinny zapp i got for quick nips to the shop and doing the school run but have a teutonia spirit s3 and got the maxi cosi clips fitted to this. both are handy but would prefer the teutonia if you were looking to change your pram totally. don't really like the zapp as it tips really easily, the little one i mind tipped the pram with his baby sister in it.

miffymum Thu 14-Aug-08 20:05:13

We've got a Buzz which fitted with the Maxi-cosi car seat. It's all click in, click out so you can swap the car seat with the main push chair section on the chassis. It means you can have your DS in the car seat when you're out and about without having to carry around the rather bulky push-chair section in the car. They can be expensive but don't have to be - ours came from Ebay at half the original retail price.

firststeps Thu 14-Aug-08 20:13:50

We have a Quinny Zapp - brill with Maxi Cosi car seat - literally clips on and off and really light. The pushchair is fab too - would really recommend.

Swedes Thu 14-Aug-08 20:15:42

Phil & Teds - If you are thinking of having more than one child I would get a P&T

youcannotbeserious Thu 14-Aug-08 21:14:20

Sadly this is my one and only child.

PictureThis Thu 14-Aug-08 21:20:05

I have a Mutsy urban rider which takes the Maxi Cosi car seat. Just clip the adaptors onto the chassis and the car seat onto the adaptors, easy and I love it.

lauraloola Thu 14-Aug-08 21:51:26

I have the Mutsy 4 Rider that this clips onto. Its a great travel system.

fairibell Fri 15-Aug-08 12:52:50

My DD is now 4 months and we have an Icandy cherry - is fantastic, really pleased with it... have to say if I was buying again I wouldn't put so much on finding a buggy that the maxi cosi attached to... just she is getting so heavy now I have now started leaving the car seat in the car most of the time and using the pram/buggy part of the icandy!

fairibell Fri 15-Aug-08 12:55:15

ooo we also have a 2nd hand urban detour for dog walking! is brilliant and suitable from birth!

CarGirl Fri 15-Aug-08 13:00:55

why don't you look at 2nd hand quinny freestyle 3 wheelers the older models are quite cheap £40ish and you wouldn't the carrycot just the adaptors for the car seat.

izzybiz Fri 15-Aug-08 13:02:43

I have bought the Micralite Toro, fits a Maxi-cosi car seat, is a fantastic buggy, lightweight, can be pushed one handed.
You can also buy an all terrain kit for it now, if you were wanting to go walking/jogging, you change the small front wheels for tyres the same as the back.

Definately worth a look!

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