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Come and tell me which digital camera you have and how good it is please.

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Phoenix Wed 13-Aug-08 23:20:31

Our lovely Kodak camera's screen cracked and we were told it'd cost loads to fix it so we'd be as well buying a new camera. So we bought a new Kodak one and i hate it and really want a new one. The picture quality is really crap compared to our old one .

Can only afford up to about £120. It doesn't have to be Kodak btw.


Phoenix Thu 14-Aug-08 08:34:21

The camera we have now is a Kodak M883

SqueakyPop Thu 14-Aug-08 08:40:38

I have a 13MP Vivitar that I really like. It was under £100 and is pretty much all-singing and dancing. I think the pics are much brighter than the significantly more expensive HP that I was using before.

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