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want a used kitchen or play house please

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Cod Mon 14-Feb-05 14:21:47

Message withdrawn

desperatehousewife Mon 14-Feb-05 14:23:58

Me too!

Cod Mon 14-Feb-05 14:29:11

Message withdrawn

FineFigureFio Mon 14-Feb-05 14:38:52

do you mean the plastic things? we have a little tikes playhouse that I want rid of but we are too far from you

just realised you may want a new one

Cod Mon 14-Feb-05 14:39:38

Message withdrawn

FineFigureFio Mon 14-Feb-05 14:42:59

oh yes it does say 'used' sorry i have my brain somewhere in a field in hampshire

Cod Mon 14-Feb-05 14:43:53

Message withdrawn

FineFigureFio Mon 14-Feb-05 14:48:38

dh does have a friend in salisbury he is going to stay with, dunno if I could con him into bringing a playhouse with him though!

Cod Mon 14-Feb-05 15:19:32

Message withdrawn

Cod Mon 14-Feb-05 15:19:54

Message withdrawn

Cod Tue 15-Feb-05 07:43:04

Message withdrawn

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