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whats the best style clothes drier to get for a wee house? and the best plasce to buy cheaply?

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mumofdjandbabies Wed 13-Aug-08 00:09:46

littlelamb Wed 13-Aug-08 00:15:42

I have this which would have been great had I checked the walls I attatched it to were solid walls hmm Am now too scared to use it for fear of tearing down the fake wall. Have you not got a garden? That is our problem, and I hate that a corner of the living room is constantly filled with huge airers

harpomarx Wed 13-Aug-08 00:19:52

I have that too, littlelamb. It is great if you don't mind having washing permanently over your bath (which I don't). I've got a couple of radiator driers too, this kind of thing, though I'm sure you can get cheaper.

Jbck Wed 13-Aug-08 00:38:57

Argos has loads of airers, I've just been perusing them from a link on the washing line thread. I'm considering splashing out £9.99 on a new one grin

mumofdjandbabies Wed 13-Aug-08 17:43:14

REALLY NEED TO oops caps get one !!
clothes hanging all over is doing my head in !!

TheDevilWearsPrimark Wed 13-Aug-08 17:44:49

I use my old cot rails as clothes driers. They look very stylish. People have even asked where I got them from.

pistachio Wed 13-Aug-08 17:47:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mumofdjandbabies Wed 13-Aug-08 18:11:01

ooh TDWP sounds good but how did you get them to make a stand type thing? <puzzled ha ha>

pully idea hmm
have tiny kitchen wonder if that might work???
maybe it would!

TheDevilWearsPrimark Thu 14-Aug-08 00:53:05

I don't, I just lean them against the wall, Usually in the bathroom, or in the bath.

mumofdjandbabies Thu 14-Aug-08 09:46:48

what a flippin good idea!!!

get yourself on dragons den my dear!! wink

asur Sat 16-Aug-08 20:48:38

I've been looking a new airer as fed up moving mine out my way constantly... On my way to Ikea tomorrow to get this pully Thought I'd share in case you hadn't found anything.

tissy Sat 16-Aug-08 20:53:33

you can get LOADS on one of these especially if you hang tops etc on hangers from the side rail.

bran Sat 16-Aug-08 20:55:23

I have a heated airer which speeds things up a bit, and is good for drying things flat across all the bars if you need it to dry in a hurry. It folds flat. It's supposed to cost the same as a lightbulb to run.

WendyWeber Sat 16-Aug-08 20:56:56

I have this Minky one which fits in our bath if necessary (our bath is 80cm wide though, many are only 70cm, mind you you could probably squeeeeze it in just at the top)

Ours came from Aldi at about £12.99 which was a great price compared with Tesco. It's v good though smile

nicolamumof3 Sat 16-Aug-08 21:22:48

krissy I bought a drier last year before the arrival of baby no.3. its been a godsend but is v.expensive to run. v.vexpensive!

cremolafoam Sat 16-Aug-08 21:31:49

this is a modern take on pulley thingy

Twinklemegan Sat 16-Aug-08 21:31:56

Ditto the Minky one. It's excellent with loads of drying space and pull out things for hangers. And it's very sturdy and easy to put up and down.

mumofdjandbabies Sat 16-Aug-08 21:49:26

hmm some dead good ideas there ladies thanks

hmm I want one of each tho now grin

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