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Tesco's codes please? :)

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lunavix Mon 14-Feb-05 13:36:07

They emailed me one and it says it's been used! And I haven't!

Does anyone have one? Pretty please?

Gwenick Mon 14-Feb-05 13:37:36

\link{\try these)

Gwenick Mon 14-Feb-05 13:38:17

try these

Twiglett Mon 14-Feb-05 13:38:27

why don't you use the ocado voucher instead?

lunavix Mon 14-Feb-05 14:08:10

Twiglett - I have

Their earliest delivery in my area was Wednesday evening and I need my groceries before, so I've already ordered next weeks shopping to be delivered from Ocado, and this weeks will have to be tescos again.

lunavix Mon 14-Feb-05 14:08:40

Thanks Gwenick!

Another reason I hate tescos!

Twiglett Mon 14-Feb-05 14:12:53

oh poo .. they're normally pretty good round here and I can usually get them next day

lunavix Mon 14-Feb-05 14:14:11

I couldn't

Ahh well if I do my shopping two weeks in advance, that will be even more hyper organised than I am normally... as long as I don't have to stay with Tescos, no complaints here

munnzieb Mon 14-Feb-05 14:16:32

we did a thread on this a few weeks back, but I can't find it, it's prob in chat somewhere....

munnzieb Mon 14-Feb-05 14:25:01

tesco codes

knew it was there somewhere, HTH.

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