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Maclaren buggy wheel wearing problem

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MaggieW Mon 14-Feb-05 12:59:22

Has anyone else experienced this? Our Maclaren Techno rear outside wheel has virtually worn down to nothing. I thought it was something we'd done until I saw our neighbours one recently who had similar situation and then met three people on holiday whose Maclaren wheels were wearing down too. It basically means the buggy veers all over the place now and is more difficult to move around. Our buggy is now three years old so not sure there's anything I can do but seems as if this is a design fault given that I've seen so many more with same problem.

bakedpotato Mon 14-Feb-05 13:22:57

yes, our old techno (bought 2002) did this too. i have heard tell of someone who will fit replacements -- can't remember where, somewhere in s london -- but it wasn't cheap or local, so we bought another one for the new baby for about the same price from kiddicare. these wheels look a bit stronger and the new techno brakes are a huge improvement. if i'd thought of it i might have rung maclaren for pointers/to see if they can recommend a wheel replacement service/to SHAME them

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