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Nintendo DS for nearly 8 yr old?

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2babesmum Tue 12-Aug-08 00:57:12

My daughter has said that she wants a nintendo ds for xmas this yr. She'll be 8 in March 2009. Do you think it's appropriate to get her one at this age? If so what sort of games should I get? Had a quicl look and hamsterz and horsez seem to be the sort of thing she'd like?....Bit clueless

nicolamumof3 Tue 12-Aug-08 05:45:27

yes she would love it my son had his last xmas at 8.5yrs not sure what games for your daughter though as hve all boys here!

babyOcho Tue 12-Aug-08 05:50:43

There are quite a lot of young people games on the DS, like this

BUT... there are some really addictive games that you can get for yourself as well

I especially like brain training and tetrus. Oh and also Super Mario.

moodywren Tue 12-Aug-08 06:34:30

My dd had one for xmas last year aged 7 and she loves it. She loves Nintendogs and Catz, but also plays games like brain training and suduko. I tend to get her games marked as 3+ as I know she should be able to manage them and some of the 7+ games I find hard to play, she would get very frustrated if she couldn't play a game.

Hulababy Tue 12-Aug-08 08:57:41

DD has one. She got it for Christmas last year when she was 5. Many of her 5/6yo school friends did too. There are lots and lots of games aimed at this age.

My 6y enjoys Animal Crossing, Big Brain Academy, Tamogotchi Corner, Cake mania, Cooking Mama, Nintendogs, My baby girl, Imagine Fashion Designer, Plusheez, and lots more!

nailpolish Tue 12-Aug-08 08:59:49

my dd is 5 and has one

she has a game called bubble trouble or something that is her favourite

some of them are not too expensive - dh sometimes takes dd and he lets her choose whatever game seh wants "as long as the first number of the price is a 1" he tells her grin

lilyloo Tue 12-Aug-08 09:09:59

cooking mama is good, as is animal paradise or any of the imaginz games think they do a baby one she may like! Brain training is good too!

newpup Tue 12-Aug-08 09:24:35

My DD has one, she was 8 when she got it. The best games we have found are:

Animal Crossing
Mario Bros
High School Musical
Hannah Montana
Cooking Mama

DD2 age six likes:

Little Mermaid
Tom and Jerry
Scooby Doo
Strawberry Shortcake
Mario Bros

2babesmum Tue 12-Aug-08 15:17:57

Wow thanks for all the info guys! Will splash out then this xmas and get her a pink one with a couple of the games from the ones you've suggested. Maybe the grandmas can get her a game each too. Thankyou, glad to hear it'll be money well spent (for a change grin)!

muggglewump Tue 12-Aug-08 15:22:38

I'm hoping to get DD one for Christmas. She'll be 7.4 then. I mentioned it to a friend yesterday and she told me about some card you can get to store loads of games on?
I think she said the card was £15 and it holds 20 games, or maybe 200. I'm a total technophobe and just thought I'd ask again in more detail nearer the time.
Maybe someone on here will know though

PuppyMonkey Tue 12-Aug-08 15:27:58

I have to say, got my dd hers when she was eight and it was one of the best investments in terms of entertainment as she has really got her money's worth out of it... still on it all the time and she's heading for 12 now.

Loads of games suitable for your age bracket. Our games shop also does used games so they're cheaper. A bit.

muggglewump Tue 12-Aug-08 15:33:04

OK I just checked and it's an R4 card. Costs £15 and holds 20 games which you download and then can change whenever.

Mamazon Tue 12-Aug-08 15:36:19

i never knew that about the R$ cards....but its teh same as teh one i have for my camera and yes it does fit.

where does your friend get the games downloaded from?

muggglewump Tue 12-Aug-08 16:47:47

I have no idea. I know her from another site and she's not online atm. I'll ask when I can though

Love2bake Tue 12-Aug-08 17:01:57

my dc's 8 and 4 both have one - they love them.

newpup Wed 13-Aug-08 09:59:29

If you happen to know anyone going stateside, they are cheaper over there. My DH bought the DDs on business trips and they were about £30 cheaper plus games are roughly half price in the U.S.A. You will need to buy a U.K charger as obviously they come with U.S plugs on the chargers. But, U.K. chargers are under £10.

CoteDAzur Wed 13-Aug-08 10:07:28

I got a Nintendo DS Lite for myself (to do Brain Training). DD (3) has effectively claimed it as her own. I got sick of her erasing my records on Brain Training and got her Nintendogs and Sponge Bob. She loves both and is incredibly good at them.

It is godsend on the airplane wink

serenity Wed 13-Aug-08 10:12:07

Should point out that whilst R4 cards aren't in themselves illegal, downloading games off t'internet is (unless I suppose you already own them, then technically it's OK but you're still supporting piracy)

Not making any judgements btw, just thought you should know all the facts.

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