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Is there a stokke website?? Need to buy baby set/cushions for my tripp trapp

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nicolamumof3 Mon 11-Aug-08 11:48:39

I can't find a website to buy direct. Tried ebay go for silly money so may as well buy new directly I think? Anyone? Thanks smile

weeonion Mon 11-Aug-08 11:50:27

i have just been to glasgow pram centre this morning and they have them in stock. you can order online and i think they have a policy of matching or beating any other price you find??

nicolamumof3 Mon 11-Aug-08 11:52:35

oh great, what is their website then will have a look. Thank you!

weeonion Mon 11-Aug-08 11:55:07

hope that helps!

nicolamumof3 Mon 11-Aug-08 12:04:05

oooh expensive with the baby set too!! just need to decide what to do now lol!

weeonion Mon 11-Aug-08 12:53:56

they had some tripptrapps in teh sale on the shop floor- £99 each and the cushions were £14.99. shame you're not closer to glasgow!

nicolamumof3 Mon 11-Aug-08 13:17:12

im in kent couldn't get much farther south if i tried lol!! But thanks anyway xx

cmotdibbler Tue 12-Aug-08 17:17:51

You can buy from Back in Action online - they are the main UK stockists, and are really fast. They will also price match

nicolamumof3 Tue 12-Aug-08 17:40:06

That is a great website, i see you can buy all the central wooden parts in different colours too to customise, I like that!!! Thanks alot grin

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