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Junior Ready Steady Cook Slush Maker - anyone got one?

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KBear Sun 13-Feb-05 20:53:56

Is it me but I think this is a pile of crap (speaking plainly!). DD was given one for her birthday, tried to make a Slush puppie today, absolutely impossible to crush the ice. Three adults tried and failed. The picture on the box shows a five year old doing it. It was bought in Argos I believe so I might take it back and ask for a credit note.

Anyone else got one?

WestCountryLass Sun 13-Feb-05 20:57:01

Apparantly all those toys are a load of plop.

SueW Sun 13-Feb-05 20:58:15

All the Ready Seady Cook products are CRAP! DD got a milkshake maker and a chocolate factory for her birthday a couple of years ago from friends/rellies and if I'd been quick enough I'd have got them out of the house for refunds/exchanges before she'd opened them.

There should be a permanent thread on here for 'Cr@p products'.

trefusis Sun 13-Feb-05 21:01:15

Message withdrawn

KBear Sun 13-Feb-05 21:07:47

Thanks for those replies. I am now on a mission to get my DD a replacement present. If Argos won't take it back I'm going to write to the company that makes it and ask for some money so she can buy a present that works.

Anyone know how much it costs, can't find it in the current book?

She got the chocolate maker last Christmas but I hid it - bad mama. Similar experience with Barbie sweet maker. DD even said to me "Mum, this is ridiculous". I did laugh.

They shouldn't be allowed to disappoint our kids like this on the back of a reputable (?) and popular name like Ready Steady Cook. What would Ainsley say?

WestCountryLass Sun 13-Feb-05 21:51:29

Ainsley says 'bring it on' and rubs his hands together in glee at the thought of his royalty cheques

KBear Sun 13-Feb-05 21:59:36

Well I'm going to write him one of "my letters" as DH puts it. He doesn't know who he's messing with.

WestCountryLass Sun 13-Feb-05 22:14:51

You go girl! DH takes the mick out of me for the same thing. I once wrote to Matlows, the makers of the drumstick lolly, telling them their new improved drumstick was an inferior imposter to the original. Imagine my surprise when I heard a huge thud one morning and they had sent me jiffy bags packed full of sweets in the post

KBear Sun 13-Feb-05 22:45:26

DH wants me to write to Nestle cos he bought a bag of fun size goodies for the kids the other day and there weren't any Aeros in it and lots of jelly tots instead. He was so annoyed I couldn't stop laughing. He's turned into my nan. !!!

I am happily eating all the jelly tots though - see other thread on "stuffing"!!

I have found in the past though if you write a civil letter you will get compensated. Ready Steady Cook will probably send me one of each of their crap products!!!!

miggy Sun 13-Feb-05 23:01:42

yup-we have "popcorn maker"-10w lightbulb makes 3 kernels an hour and the ice cream maker-tiny amount of processed e numbers sludge.
They have been on watchdog for being cr*p too.
BUT they still make and sell the flipping things.

sparklymieow Sun 13-Feb-05 23:04:21

I have a proper popcorn maker, which is great, but the kids aren't allow near it as it gets quite hot. And I found the MR Frosty great too.

trefusis Sun 13-Feb-05 23:04:27

Message withdrawn

chris95 Fri 03-Jun-11 12:38:44

hi i want to get one of these slush makers but don't no where to get it cause they are 3-4 years old and don't sell them in most shops anymore can sum 1 help me with it thanks

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