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Ds starts reception in sept..need a school coat

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Nemoandthefishes Sun 10-Aug-08 09:50:13

help me find a decent one that wont break the bank..the schools own coat is £25 and fleece is £15 but would like one ds can wear out of school aswell.

nicolamumof3 Sun 10-Aug-08 10:45:37

I always like Next coats they seem good quality wash and dry well and last. Got my youngest a lovely woollen duffle one on ebay a few weeks back for £3 which was next and it was immaculate!

HappyMummyOfOne Sun 10-Aug-08 13:31:13

Next coats are fab, DS had a red one to start reception with last September and its still going strong and will last this winter too. Very waterproof and warm but wasnt puff sytle, it came from the school range.

Woolworths do some lovely coats too, DS had a bob the builder one (parker style with eskimo hood) and its still going strong - other than he doesnt like bob anymore!

HappyMummyOfOne Mon 11-Aug-08 10:58:55

If you need other bits, Adams have 3 for 2 on online and may work out cheaper.

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