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frozen baby food

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Chickyboo Sun 13-Feb-05 19:33:59

Does anyone know where to buy frozen baby foods, which stores have them? I'm going to stay in Kingston so anywhere near there would be good.

Twiglett Sun 13-Feb-05 19:34:33

waitrose sells babylicious

so do some sainsburys (but not all)

Yorkiegirl Sun 13-Feb-05 19:36:42

Message withdrawn

whimsy Sun 13-Feb-05 19:40:03

Iceland sells babylicious

Chickyboo Sun 13-Feb-05 19:44:21

thanks a lot MIL is looking after dd while i'm at uni, but she keeps giving her chocolate yoghurts and such like instead of real food. So thought this would be good idea. She lost weight the 1st week.

Twiglett Sun 13-Feb-05 20:51:37

what about jars or natural yogurt (rather than chocolate) .. basically if its your MIL you may need stuff she can just grab and serve .. the frozen stuff needs heating (ok not onerous but we're dealing with grannies here)

WestCountryLass Sun 13-Feb-05 20:53:05

What is this frozen baby food you speak of? Is it a London thing?

Chickyboo Mon 14-Feb-05 15:25:25

MIL is up for the cooking she lives in the kitchen
I didn't realise that she has only ever cooked Italian food she's Italian. MIL is looking after DD while I go to uni...and last week DD's weight went down for first time her clothes became baggy and when I went home at w/end my DH really noticed she had lost weight. So just being extra cautious really.
Westcountrylass, don't know if it is a London thing have checked on their website and seems to be national.

jane313 Mon 14-Feb-05 15:33:34

I found babylicious to be incredibly runny considering it was meant to be a 2nd stage lumpy food. It was like soup

lisalisa Mon 14-Feb-05 16:01:18

Message withdrawn

HandbagAddiction Mon 14-Feb-05 16:07:13

See if you can find somewhere that stocks Truuuly Scrumptious frozen food. I think their website has stockists and do actually deliver to London. I'm a bit biased as a good friend of mine runs and owns the company, but it's really god stuff, all organic and the right consistency for the right age.

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