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does anyone have a sofa from ikea?

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misdee Sun 13-Feb-05 13:22:58

no, not the ones that caused the riots lol.

need to replace my sofa and i know dh wont agree to expensive purchase, as the one we have now was pricey but hasnt lasted (well pricey in our eyes and we should've been able to have it for more than 3years). i have seen the Ektorp sofas(is that right) in the catlaogue and was wondering if they are any good for the low price?

i'll wait till the kids have moved out till i spend more lol. i dont mind chucking out a £300 sofa after 2years or so, but not one that cost near £1000 3years ago.

mummylonglegs Sun 13-Feb-05 13:43:06

HI misdee! How's dh?

We got our first ever sofa just before dd was born after having previously lived like hippies on large cushions on the floor. We got a super-cheap one for under £100 with a separate washable cover and it's been absolutely fine. Not swish or anything but perfectly practical, comfortable and looks nice too!

Yorkiegirl Sun 13-Feb-05 14:07:16

Message withdrawn

littlemissbossy Sun 13-Feb-05 14:17:35

misdee, I think the sofa in our family room is an Ektorp, we've had it a couple of years, leather (easily wipes clean), really comfy and a bargain - think it was about £400
I can recommend it HTH

anorak Sun 13-Feb-05 14:39:11

We've got two Ikea sofas in the house, both inexpensive and absolutely fine.

The reason they're cheap is because you have to load your car yourself and then assemble the flat packs at home - not because the furniture's no good.

My house is Ikealand anyway!

gingerbabe Sun 13-Feb-05 17:26:38


Ours are Ektorp leather ones too. We've had them about a year I think and they are great, robust, easy to clean and still look brand new.

Would def recommend them.

Cristina7 Sun 13-Feb-05 17:38:22

We have a leather corner sofa from Ikea, bought nearly 6 years ago. I can't remember what name it had. It had to be delivered at home and we worried it might not get through the doors. We are very pleased with it and it's still looking good and comfortable. It was about £1200-£1500. We've never used any leather products on it just a good wipe and hoovering between the cushions.

misdee Sun 13-Feb-05 18:27:57

thanks. the ones i am looking have removeable covers, just wondering if they withstood the test of time and kids really . so good value for the cash then?

may have to see about hiring a van later in the year and getting the sofa and kids bedroom furniture in one swoop.

KatieMac Sun 13-Feb-05 23:50:00

I got lovely dark red/rust ones.

They were great but after about 2 yrs they had faded. Ikea immediatly collected them and gave me a full refund.

So customer service is fantastic as far as I'm concerned (not so sure about the sofas)

BTW I think it was a problem with that particular fabric....not all their sofas

bluemint Mon 14-Feb-05 18:26:12

misdee, don't forget to give the bargain corner a try if you go to the shop as they often have really good sofas with the odd stain which you can remove yourself for a fraction of the original price.

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