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New Grill Pan

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gscrym Sun 13-Feb-05 13:09:33

Mine is in a terrible state and I can't be bothered cleaning it. I have tried but it just seems welded. Anyone know where I can get a new one. Preferebly high street as I'm off for the next couple weeks and was going to get one then.

Gwenick Sun 13-Feb-05 14:06:00

Saw some in Matalan recently - think Woolies may do them too.

Snugs Sun 13-Feb-05 14:06:12

No idea about high street but do know Betterware do one, so Lakeland probably do as well.

Cod Sun 13-Feb-05 14:06:22

Message withdrawn

pickledonion Sun 13-Feb-05 14:07:05

think Argos have themp

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