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mp4 or portable dvd player for dd in car?

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CouldYouWouldYouWithaGoat Sat 09-Aug-08 09:36:18

mp4s are alot cheaper but not sure about durability and how to get dvd's onto them.

dvd expensive and bulky.


StormInanEcup Sat 09-Aug-08 12:32:48

Message withdrawn

CouldYouWouldYouWithaGoat Sat 09-Aug-08 18:21:32

thanks! is your software legal or do you use handbrake or equivalent?

FluffyMummy123 Sat 09-Aug-08 18:22:25

Message withdrawn

CouldYouWouldYouWithaGoat Sat 09-Aug-08 18:26:16

i don't want to buy both! which is better cod?

FluffyMummy123 Sat 09-Aug-08 18:30:24

Message withdrawn

CouldYouWouldYouWithaGoat Sat 09-Aug-08 18:33:14

so do you have either?

FluffyMummy123 Sat 09-Aug-08 18:33:57

Message withdrawn

CouldYouWouldYouWithaGoat Sat 09-Aug-08 18:37:02

thanks! dh is leaning towards dvd player but i hate all the faff of having millions of dvds. i have an ipod nano but dh imagines dd will throw it out the window or something.

FluffyMummy123 Sat 09-Aug-08 18:37:42

Message withdrawn

StormInanEcup Sat 09-Aug-08 18:47:29

Message withdrawn

CouldYouWouldYouWithaGoat Sat 09-Aug-08 18:48:42

do you have a super duper one or a goodmans cheapo?

StormInanEcup Sat 09-Aug-08 18:55:56

Message withdrawn

LadyMuck Sat 09-Aug-08 19:00:03

I have an ipod which runs video. The bonus is as it is so small I always have kid entertainment in case we get stuck in a queue or whatever. Also battery power is greater.

The dvds are good if you are spending an awful long time in the car though as the kids are looking up, whereas I think that they are more likley to be carsick if they look down.

CouldYouWouldYouWithaGoat Sat 09-Aug-08 19:22:47

ok next question. how do i get my dvds onto my ipod?

storminanecup - that looks fantastic but out of budget.

FluffyMummy123 Sun 10-Aug-08 08:40:08

Message withdrawn

WatsThePointPassTheGin Sun 10-Aug-08 08:45:41

We have a double dvd player for the car, two screens. They can play two different dvds or just one, depending on how compatible the children are feeling wink

Wouldn't be without them at this stage for long journeys

CouldYouWouldYouWithaGoat Sun 10-Aug-08 09:06:32

oh cod what would xenia say! emancipate yourself and load up some dvds (and then tell me how to do it)

gin - we only have dd so splits screen would be overkill!

watsthestory Sun 10-Aug-08 09:10:58

Message withdrawn

gscrym Sun 10-Aug-08 09:26:44

Storminacup, how do you record DVD's onto your archos. I've got the 605 and don't know how to do it.

StormInanEcup Sun 10-Aug-08 21:42:26

Message withdrawn

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