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would like to try the TEFAL QUICK CUP KETTLE anyone had one? selling one? any good?

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mumofdjandbabies Fri 08-Aug-08 23:33:51

fancy quick tea at the drop of a hat haha

somersetmum Fri 08-Aug-08 23:44:28

We thought about it but decided against it, because the water does not actually boil.

PInkyminkyohnooo Fri 08-Aug-08 23:47:43

My BIL was sent to buy a new kettle for his elderly parents and mrgadget came back with one of these. Coffee is fine but tea tastes like it's been standing for a while. Tea needs boiling water, really.

Flibbertyjibbet Fri 08-Aug-08 23:48:52

Have you started another thread so you can ignore my answer on your other one sad

kid Fri 08-Aug-08 23:49:04

I picked up a new one tonight after my old one breaking a couple of weeks ago. It didn't actually break, it just tripped the electricity everytime I used it!

I have missed it and am glad I have a new one. I will be back to drinking far too much tea again now grin

mumofdjandbabies Fri 08-Aug-08 23:53:49

HI Flibb answered you grin
nearly texted you earlier saying I hope you were working hard ha ha wink

I like hot tea you see and take milk in it so was wondering if I would find the tea too cold... tough to know eh !!

kid Fri 08-Aug-08 23:55:27

I drink loads of tea and I think it tastes fine. It did taste a bit different at first but I put that down to it using filtered water. But you can take the filter out or just never replace it when it runs out.

I love mine and will always have one now.

Flibbertyjibbet Sat 09-Aug-08 00:02:34

this one?

a snip!!

Flibbertyjibbet Sat 09-Aug-08 00:07:04

or this one??

mumofdjandbabies Sat 09-Aug-08 00:16:59

OOH SO YOU LIKE YOURS KID ? do you take milk in your tea and is it still hot??? oops caps

flibberty behave yourself ha ha!!!

kid Sat 09-Aug-08 00:19:45

Yes I have milk in my tea and its still too hot to drink straight after making it using the tefal quick boil.

Its a bit noisy but I'm not up early enough in the morning to worry about waking others up when I make my tea.

My DC can actually make tea with it for me without the risk of burning themselves as they just have to line the cup up and press the red button.

mumofdjandbabies Sat 09-Aug-08 16:37:46

Kid, thanks, I sooooooo want to try one now!!


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