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can you help me find pictures for drawers?

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misdee Sun 13-Feb-05 10:39:42

i want some pictures of clothing for my dd's bedroom drawers, like vest, knickers, jumpers t-shirts etc, so they can find things easier. can anyone help me?

Davros Sun 13-Feb-05 10:41:43

Can you borrow the use of a copy of Boardmaker? It is the computer programme that everyone uses to make PECs, maybe the school has it or they can make them for you? Or portage worker? Otherwise I'd try cutting out of magazines or catalogues.
Actually, if you can't get them I could always make up a sheet for you with my Boardmaker, CAT me if you need it.

misdee Sun 13-Feb-05 10:43:47

ooo please davros. i am fed up of saying 'second drawers down' and then dh putting things away in the wrong place, maybe it'll help him too.

treacletart Sun 13-Feb-05 13:17:17

We have a great shop in town called "The works" sells loads of cheap kids books art materials etc.. maybe you have something similar nearby?... anyway, they do very cheap picture/sticker books along the lines of Doring Kindersley you could cut them up and they'd make brilliant drawer pictures. I have demolished lots and now have a little box full of paper "things" including lots of bits and bobs cut out of magazines. My Ds (19m) loves playing with them

bee3 Sun 13-Feb-05 13:45:12

Do you have a digital camera?

For my Nursery chidren I just took pictures of the real things (with them helping organise laying every out), printed them out as little pictures, laminated/tackybacked them and stuck on the appropriate trays/drawers.

misdee Sun 13-Feb-05 18:31:19

i do have a camera, but have no idea where the leads are for it. probably in the loft and icant get my bump up there lol. really want to get them done asap as after baby is born i know iwont get round to it.

my sister has offered to laminate them for me

Twiglett Sun 13-Feb-05 18:34:09

How about a polaroid camera

Or find an online website you like the clothes on and just save the pictures as jpegs?

crazy Sun 13-Feb-05 18:34:24

Try going to google images and typing in what you need, then you can print it out, if you have a printer! if not you can email it to yourself and print it out at an internet cafe.

SPARKLER1 Sun 13-Feb-05 18:39:19

How about buying one of those "dress the doll" activity books in a cheap shop. You know those ones that have the tabs on that you slot into the cardboard doll?

SPARKLER1 Sun 13-Feb-05 18:39:38

Lots of clothes to choose from in those.

Davros Sun 13-Feb-05 19:16:05

Grrrr, I can't work out how (or if) I can attach a boardmaker document to an email or save it as something else. If anyone knows how to do it please tell me! I could still print them and send them to you misdee if you want, although the other ideas on here are good. More than happy to do it. Tell me what you want, what size, how many. Or don't worry if you decide to do one of these other things.

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