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Bugaboo problems - any thoughts on what will happen?

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Flightputsonahat Fri 08-Aug-08 20:14:48

I got one half price as it was the 07 model - from Mothercare. The seat frame had a dent/slit in the foam so they ordered me a new frame, which took about 6 weeks to arrive. Got it home, put it together for the first time and the thing emits a load fart every rotation of the wheel when on a left handed pavement.

Brake evidently rubbing...swapped wheels, same thing on same side so it is a frame/brake fault, not a wared wheel etc.

Took it back immediately, woman knows me by now and gives me an ex display one to borrow.

Anyway she said she would order me a new frame as she had a good look and says it is indeed duff.

Today they rang me, nothing yet fro Bugaboo (been another 3 weeks I think) but they rang Bugaboo who demanded to know which side is rubbing. I told them.

They have no idea if I will get a new frame or they will jsut try to repair the old one.

I am a bit pissed off with this as it was meant to be new, it wasn't display or anything, just the last one in stock.

So what next - any experience? Should I just go for a refund as I haven't even had 24hrs use of it yet.

Flightputsonahat Fri 08-Aug-08 20:15:13

sorry warped wheel.

Teaandcake Fri 08-Aug-08 22:36:03

Bugaboo will probably replace the chassis. They rarely fix them these days, just take the serial number and date of purchase then send out a new chassis to the retailer.

There is a bit of a wait at the moment, Bugaboo don't have any replacement chassis in stock right now so will send one as soon as they do.

Flightputsonahat Sat 09-Aug-08 06:51:27

Oh right! Thanks! That's good to know - do you work in the industry?

It looks like I might get a 2008 chassis which is nice - the other was the older model.
I just hope they don't say 'we can't find a problem with it' as there was a definite squeak on every rotation, it was quite embarrassing when we test drove it - luckily not many people about! smile


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