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Marble Run - Which is the best brand to buy?

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Raggydoll Fri 08-Aug-08 17:29:25

This seems a great toy for my ds's 5th birthday... which one is the best and can you add to it or do you just buy the one set? TIA

mazzystar Fri 08-Aug-08 17:30:50

am keen to know too

misselizabethbennett Fri 08-Aug-08 17:31:52

I have a Galt set that's about 20 years old and DS age 6 loves it. Gets loads of play value from it and I've never felt the need to add to it.

Unlike his Brio which I started collecting ferociously when he showed a slight interest at the age of 2, and which is now in HUGE box and is never played with.

I feel I am growing as a person! <proud emoticon>

cazzybabs Fri 08-Aug-08 17:32:33

we have a haba one which is fab

ajm200 Fri 08-Aug-08 17:33:31

Don't know the answer but we had something like that as children and adored it. I didn't know they still made them

Mum didn't though, the clacking of failing marbles almost drove her to her wits end. She'd got it from a friend who'd had enough of the noise and was passing on the pain

cupsoftea Fri 08-Aug-08 17:33:57

My kids have a wooden one you build & can add to - We got a starter box & then got other bits later

cornsilk Fri 08-Aug-08 17:33:59

We've got an ELC one -it's about 6 years old and still going strong.

MrsWeasley Fri 08-Aug-08 17:34:08

We have one similar to this but it is a smaller kit.

It great, easy to put together and great fun.

misselizabethbennett Fri 08-Aug-08 17:35:46

I should have said that although I haven't added to the marble run itself, we do have about 70 marbles, as it's good fun to send loads down at once.

bogie Fri 08-Aug-08 17:38:52

you can get the galt sets from amazon ds has dp's old galt set (about 25 years old) and we are going to buy extra bits from there.

Raggydoll Fri 08-Aug-08 17:47:09

thanks guys... sounds like a good value, although I'm slight nervous about the clacking noise described - do they do a sponge one.

LostGirl Fri 08-Aug-08 20:05:55

Don't get the electronic one from ELC, everyone I know who has it says it does not work properly.

smugmumofboys Fri 08-Aug-08 20:18:05

We just got DS2 a Quercetti one for his 4th birthday. It's really good but is actually for age 8+ and so he needs supervision with it. DH got it off t'internet (not sure where exactly) but it looks like the Brightminds one linked to.

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