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Please help me find a buggy board for my Maclaren

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Bubbaloo Fri 08-Aug-08 12:51:54

I have a Maclaren Ryder and after reading a couple of buggy board reviews,a number of people have stated they their buggy boards do not seem to fit the Maclaren's.
Does anyone know of a good board that will definately fit,please?

Whimsy Fri 08-Aug-08 12:59:53

I had a lascal buggy board with my Maclaren XT and it was fine. Just purchased a new Lascal maxi one from boots for ds2 only £39.99 at the moment.
The lascal website lets you check which one will fit your pushchair. HTH

Bubbaloo Fri 08-Aug-08 15:52:05

Thanks,that's most helpful.
I've ordered the same one which apparently fits the Maclarensmile

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