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Do you know of some nice children's rucksacks?

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Elf Fri 08-Aug-08 07:58:04

I really want to get one for each of my dcs, 6,4 and 3. I've been to Millets, but they've only got camouflage or pink.

I would like that semi waterproof material which is normal for adult rucksacks, not the cotton ones which are nice but not waterproof.

Any ideas anyone. TIA.

ImnotMamaGbutsheLovesMe Fri 08-Aug-08 07:59:27

Not sure if what you need but I got one for my son this week in John Lewis. It is blue and was £7. Has several pockets too.

jajoom Fri 08-Aug-08 12:36:17

little trekkers online has a fantastic range of kids rucksacks. Proper outdoor bags with supportive straps, waterproof fabric etc. My son has the Deuter Schmusebar bag and it's fab.

Elf Fri 08-Aug-08 17:14:38

This is just what I want. Thank you both - I shall now look at these two websites straightaway. Good old MN.

Elf Fri 08-Aug-08 17:22:14

Oops, spoke too soon.

The Little Trekkers website seems to be temporarily closed and I can't find the £7 rucksack on the John Lewis site. sad

Elf Sat 09-Aug-08 07:44:31


jajoom Sat 09-Aug-08 15:08:56

Their website is running now -

jajoom Sat 09-Aug-08 15:18:51

Also to try:

These all do a good range of 'real' rucksacks (Vaude, Deuter etc). Shopeezee also has some really fun bags in the children's luggage section. I've used ebags several times and they have fab customer service.

Love2bake Sat 09-Aug-08 15:46:43

Amazon have some nice ones.

Elf Sun 10-Aug-08 18:57:54

Just wanted to say thanks to the latest posters. I 'll check those websites out.

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