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Anyone got a chillow? Need help?

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gio71 Fri 08-Aug-08 07:38:21

I have got a chillow in attempt to be able to sleep in current sweltering nights (live in Rome). I have followed the instructions but when I tried to get rid of the air as per instructions it leaked water (no idea how much but quite a bit). Can I add more water to it or will that bugger it all up?

YumeeMumee Fri 08-Aug-08 07:43:43

think you can add more water but you'd still need to get all the air out....when I did mine, quite a lot of water came out too but it worked really well. An alternative is using a hot water bottle with cold water or putting it into the fridge/freezer and then placing in your pillow.

Is the weather lovely in Rome at the mo? The UK is rubbish...I love Italy [goes off in a day dream about all the places in Italy we've visited!] smile

gio71 Fri 08-Aug-08 07:58:31

how cool was yours yumeemumee? I was a bit hmm about mine last night - maybe I am expecting too much -a sort of miracle working air con system in a pillow smile
weather is way too humid in Rome at moment. We are off to the lakes on Sat and am praying for slightly cooler weather. Sound very ungrateful dont I! Most of time is wonderful but July and Aug in Rome, with humidity and pollution are NOT fun. Having said that nor are the winds and rains my parents are reporting on from UK....

YumeeMumee Fri 08-Aug-08 08:47:46

mmmm....yes, you're right, you prob are expecting a bit much!! smile I got mine when pregnant over the summer of 06 and desperately needed cooling down. DH wouldn't let me buy an air con system! I found the chillow worked best on my feet and cooled me down that way. But I have to admit that I still needed a fan too and the chillow had a tendancy to scrunch up with me tossing and turning.
Poor you...humidity is not nice...regardless of where you are! Not sure which I'd rather...I suppose at least with wind and rain, we can hide indoors and get warm...think it's much harder to get cool. Have fun at the lakes....which one? Lake Como is gorgeous - Mr Clooney wasn't home tho! wink

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